Putting makeup.

Experts say that matte lipstick, despite its obvious advantages, suitable not every girl.Typically, from make-up using said cosmetic product must abandon those whose face is elongated and thin, and her mouth - small, with narrow lips.This type of visual appearance demands increase and lipstick without shine, especially dark, light-absorbing, "works" just in reverse.

For owners of plump lips matte lipstick is a universal tool because it allows you to emphasize the natural beauty of form and volume.It is also useful for a bright evening make-up or for the correction circuit, especially if the nature of it is not perfect.

modern matte lipstick tend to affect the delicate skin of the lips more sparing than its earlier predecessors, which is composed mainly wax with animal fats and various dyes.Today it is a cosmetic add nutrients and moisturizing oils.However, if you are not sure of the presence of said components, you can protect the lips from drying through balms.

To lay perfectly matte lipstick, li

p must first be "prepared."For example, the weathered skin of the face will cause that type of matte makeup will look like plaster.Therefore, apply a little Vaseline on the lips and massage their toothbrush otshelushivaya horny microparticles.In the process of make-up circuit should be created using a pencil corresponding to the color of lipstick.This will means not fade over time.In addition, some women (for added protection from drying) lightly powdered with his lips before nakrashivaniem.At the final stage of the sponge should be carefully blot with a paper towel and then spread another layer of puff of powder.

resistant matte lipstick (as an example of products Amway, Faberlic, and Givenchy Rouge Interdit or MAC) in its composition contains much less oil than a wax, and black pigments.Find a means to make up the plan of light tones is quite difficult, primarily because it looks unnatural.Those who wish to use a matte lipstick on a regular basis, you need to remember one rule, which is known socialites: such cosmetics loses its properties in contact with fatty foods.So after dinner, including dishes from fatty meats, or with a lot of oil, you should look in the mirror and make sure that the make-up perfect.

What properties should have matte lipstick?Reviews of fans of the series have reported that it should hold well, do not roll in clumps, not spread, do not dry the skin.Also, pay attention to a uniform distribution, which avoids light stripes on the inner surface of the sponge.A number of samples of the girls say a pleasant aroma, convenient carrying case with a reliable "castle."Last prevents a means to open and makeup stain, which is an advantage, ie. A. Lipstick such a plan is very bad wash out.