Makeup for green eyes and blond hair: we select the right shades

impossible to give unequivocal advice and choose the versatile makeup for green eyes and blond hair, because each person is unique tsvetotip.There are some types of the like "Autumn", "Spring", "winter" or "summer", but most people are mixed types of color.Even brown hair can be very different: golden brown, gray, red-brown, and it's not to mention the eye color.

When choosing makeup, in addition to individual tsvetotipa, it is important to consider that as the exterior may differ from the contrast and saturation.Sometimes she chooses for himself right shades, but it takes a black eyeliner, having a gentle non-contrast appearance (for example, light gray-green eyes, soft light skin, blond hair).The eyes in this case will look unnatural.

However, despite the fact that green-eyed blondes can be very different compared to the blue-eyed brunettes, they have a lot in common.Listed below are the colors that are considered basic for light-brown hair girl with green eyes.

  1. gold, beige, copper.
  2. Green.
  3. lilac, violet.
  4. Mint and turquoise.

It is in this panel should seek their own individual shades for women who have such a soft combination of colors: green eyes, brown hair.Makeup in the above mentioned colors profitable emphasize their dignity.The following colors are very difficult for green-eyed.They are best avoided:

  1. Blue and Blue.As a rule, green-eyed girls, they do not go.Except for those who are the happy owner of a rare blue-green eyes.
  2. Saturated red, brick, orange.They can be in harmony with green eyes, but not with the brown hair.
  3. Silver.Shadows of the same color with green eyes will look pale and expressionless.Exceptions are pearl-gray-green eyes were very light blondes.In this case, silver eyelids are very nice to emphasize color.However, you must carefully select the lash line to the eye is not lost.

also doing makeup for green eyes and blond hair, you should be careful with:

  1. black eyeliner.As a rule, green-eyed girl are soft and warm tsvetotip black they will look unnatural and too contrasting.They choose the best chocolate, golden or brown eyeliner.However, black can emphasize any shade of green eyes, if it is clean and bright, and icy-white proteins.
  2. pink.He can look amazing.But it requires a special approach.Here is difficult to give any advice, it is necessary to look at the model.If in doubt, it is better to use the pink as an accent.
  3. green shadows.Shadow tone on tone can perfectly emphasize eye color, and can erode it.How to use the tool, repeating the shade of the iris?Do not apply it to the entire eyelid or make "Smokey" - there is a risk unintelligible green spot.

If you picked up in the shadow of the iris color, they are best used as an accent or if the idea suggests monomakiyazh, should at least emphasize the eyes and good contrast pencil to paint over the lashes.It is better to choose a contrasting color to green.For example, you have a warm herbal eye.Fresh turquoise tones enhance their warmth.His eyes seem even more vivid.But it should be borne in mind that the selected cool shade should not engage in dissonance with the color of the eyebrows or the skin.

We describe the makeup for green eyes and blond hair of some tsvetotip.The names of these species relative.


Wheat, honey-blond hair, grass-green or gray with a touch of warm green eyes, easily ignited golden skin tone average (medium).Primary color appearance - a golden impression - the sun, the warmth, brightness.These girls are very visible on their own and do not need to throw makeup.They are makeup a la natyurel in golden beige tones.On the lips - light peach lipstick or gloss.In the evening you can use a more saturated shades of beige, gold and brown, sophisticated heat-purple.For bright makeup - lime, grass green.


very light ash blond hair, clear gray-green eyes, cool delicate skin.The main color of the exterior - gray, impression - soft, airy, elusive prohlada.Takie girls can afford to make up the gray and even black.Smokey Eyes dark gray color will emphasize the transparency of the eye and will look great.There will also be nice complex turquoise, aquamarine, pale purple, amethyst - all tones are cool, gentle.Lipstick - only light and cold shades of pink.


Medium and dark brown hair and light skin, has a slightly yellowish tint.If tanning is almost an olive.The eyes in this case are complex green, often mixed with splashes of deep yellow or gray.The basic tone appearance - yellow-green.What make-up suits green eyes that tsvetotipa?There are good marshy, mossy greens, lush purple, brown and green.You can try out some trivial shades of blue, such as kerosene color.Lip Makeup executed in warm brown and orange-golden hue.


hair - copper-brown, very light delicate skin with a clear reddish tinge, his eyes bright and contrasting.The main color of the exterior - a cool red.The tone shades that best emphasize green eyes in this case - it is light purple, amethyst, aubergine, purple.No other girl can not wear purple shadows without risk seem to cry.But for this they are ideal tsvetotipa - eyes will seem even greener.Lips - cold dark or light wine or ruby ​​tones.

Makeup Tips for a green-eyed girl with brown hair

Whatever your shade of green eyes, you can always highlight their tone on tone or contrast.Compare the pictures below.She refers to the cold tsvetotipu, in both cases, she uses shadow of pearl finish that always gives the cool freshness of color.Makeup soothing shades of brown makes her eyes almost gray, but it is very noticeable in the overall image.

A shade tone emphasize unusual pearl-green eyes.

It is not necessary to perform the makeup for green eyes and brown hair

1. Always start with the proper selection of colors.Makeup on a model below - it's pretty ambiguous option.Cold-pink lipstick clearly stands out from the overall appearance of the warm and gives the impression of levity, as if this girl Barbie.This image is also acceptable, but it should be counted in advance, including the impression you'll make with make-up.

2. balances the overall look.For example, on the model above, pearl-green eyes, a make-up in soft shades of brown lipstick active approach, in the second case - only Nude.

3. bright eyeliner pencil black eyeliner or not?It depends on the size and shape of eyes (little does not approach), shape the century (with the impending eyeliner contraindicated) selected shades (if they repeat the color of the eyes, without liner can not do), color of the eyes (if they are icy-white, then black eyelinerIt will look good).

Pay special attention to thorough treatment of the face and tone shading shadows and blush.It is important for everyone, but it is light on light-brown hair girls any negligence will look particularly noticeable.