School of Creative makeup: studying the decorative make-up steps for brown eyes

be irresistible woman always want and at any age.And especially for special occasions and holidays.And it is God himself commanded, as they say, turn into the unearthly beautiful New Year.How to do it, we are now will tell.The article is primarily intended for owners of dark eyes.But Sineglazka, for example, these ideas can also be adopted.

General characteristics

explain how to do a make-up step by step.For brown eyes suitable shade of bright, saturated colors: emerald, purple, blue, yellow.Useful and mascara are not neutral, and tint.Complete the creation of the image of elegant, glossy, lipstick and sequins.The shape of the eyes can choose what you want: almond-shaped, elongated or cat cut.Additional combinations of contrasting tones of blue with orange, pink with green, purple and yellow in the ensemble with a special hairstyle and stylish evening dress will look great.Learn how to make such a make-up (steps) for brown eyes, and demonstrating it for yourself, you will become a true queen of Ch

ristmas ball!

Preparatory procedures

Any action related to makeup, be sure to precede the preparation of the skin.Wash or wipe with cleansing milk, then astringent tonic or lotion.Apply a moisturizing cream, and after 10 minutes - tonal basis.Do this with the help of sponges.Powder is not necessary: ​​soft pencils feathered it more convenient to tonalnika doing makeup steps for brown eyes.

Getting process

And now directly describe step by step makeup for brown eyes:

  • start with the lower eyelids.According to the lash line with a pencil trace the color of milk chocolate (cocoa), on the outer corners of the eye to the middle.And blend.
  • Now take a deep blue pencil and paint over them inside corners of the eyes and lower eyelids (the part that did not affect the previous pencil).Well rastoniruyte brush or your fingers.
  • continuing to do step by step makeup for brown eyes, draw a black pencil line on the upper eyelash growth.
  • Referring again to the blue circle with a pencil on the upper eyelid eyeball from the inner corner to the outer.Now the two lines (and the previous one, black) should be well feather.
  • next stage of learning how to do makeup for brown eyes steps - work with shadows.To his eyes seemed larger and brighter, take a bright blue color, contour tracing his lower eyelid down and feathered.
  • Line, drawn on the upper eyelid, too, need to draw in blue palette.Rub the shadow of the temple.
  • White coat the inner corner of the upper eyelid, blend up the middle.
  • Giving your makeup contrast and dynamism, on the outer corners put a yellow and orange shade, distribute them to the middle of the century.
  • continuing to give lessons to make up for brown eyes, suggested: inner corners of the eyebrows and the skin under the process the rich pearl-white shadows.Through their eyes become bigger and shine like jewels.
  • Finally, the pink shade.They need to apply under the eyebrows from the nose to the inner corners.So you make the correction of facial features and can harmoniously go to the blush of the same shade.And the process is completed by applying a thick mascara, her eyelashes have to paint over twice.

's all tricks!Once browned, powder, paint on the lips, glue rhinestones on the face, skin, sprinkle glitter, and you can go to the ball!