"Deshale" cosmetics.

In the old days of the fair sex, as now, loved to care for themselves and especially for their skin.However, if before this concept was to washing with plain water and use natural ingredients, the beauty industry today imposes the ladies thought that without expensive creams look beautiful they would not succeed.

«Deshale" cosmetics.Reviews consumers

You might've seen on TV commercials with famous actresses in which they are showing great shiny hair smooth and clean skin, talk about the miracle-cosmetics from Israel.For many, this is a convincing argument in favor of buying the coveted briefcase.Some do not even deterred the price at which sells cosmetics "Desh"."How much does one set?" - You ask.In different salons in various cities, this figure is not the same, but the range from 45 000 to 65 000 would be the approximate answer.

Why did the price so high?As explained by experts (by the way, working in the company), it would be correct to call these products are not cosmetics and cosmeceutic

als.Even indicated that it is composed of a particularly "smart" sucrose crystals programmed intensive skin rejuvenation.However, according to some of the girls who have a medical degree, "Deshale" - cosmetics (reviews of which do not inspire confidence) is the most common.Moreover, many believe that it belongs to the class of "mass market", the products of which can be purchased at more affordable prices - in the range of 300-500 rubles.

«Deshale" - cosmetics, reviews of which is sometimes read as Low as her.It has caused many skin allergies and irritation.You should not, however, think that it is of very low quality products.Probably the manifestation of allergic reaction - is especially individual case.However, to give tens of thousands of rubles for a cosmetic set and get redness and swelling on the face - it is not a pleasant prospect.

course, is to say that "Deshale" - cosmetics, reviews of which sometimes still are positive.However, she has another unpleasant moment.They are m. N."aggressive" sales.Surely at least once you call a cell phone and reported that some your friend gave you a free session to care for themselves in the beauty salon.Many magical effect is the word "free»,
so they agree to come to the spa treatments, taking with him a passport.Unfortunately, the visitor's often agree to buy cosmetics, 95% of the entering into the loan directly in the treatment room, and then do not understand how this could happen.

course, to blame everything on some kind of hypnosis or drugs slipped into the tea (so say some horrible "the bait") is at least silly and unfounded.However, most women dream of reason to return the briefcase back.

Of course, if you are allowing salary and you can see the positive effects (as it is also noted by many women customers), that's fine.However, if the cosmetics "Desh", catalog, prices for it and so confuse you, do not even agree to come for a free procedure, as the number of negative reviews inspires more doubt about the honesty of the company.