Arrows to the eye: species for various forms of eye

How to draw an arrow to the eye?Species of this spectacular and versatile way to highlight your eyes are very diverse, we get to know them and how they choose.

Not all are arrows, but in most cases it is quite simple and effective way to emphasize the eyes.Varying of the thickness, shape and changing color, it is possible to achieve various effects.Here in the photo you can see how different types of arrows are able to change the same eyes.

Arrows eye: views from the eye type

  1. arrows through the entire eyelid with a tail.These arrows wore Marlene Dietrich.This is a classic thin arrow, elegantly framing the line of the upper eyelid.Tail smooth, can be of different lengths, but in any case not curled up defiantly.These arrows appear sensual but strictly.
  2. arrows through the eyelid with the tail up.This is a fairly thick line, visually is rounded eyes.They give a young look easy playfulness, innocence and makes eyes a little cat.Such arrows Audrey Hepburn wore.Tail as it continues the line of the
    lower eyelid and hand slightly raises the outside of the eye.Suitable only girls with distinct ages.Do not confuse these arrows with cat - a feline arrows Area bollee expressive and goes far beyond the border of the century.
  3. arrows from the middle of the century.They can draw up the outside of the eye and the inner.The second option is used much less frequently, and only for the eyes that need to pull together visually (wide-set eyes).In any case, the arrow ends smoothly to the middle.Arrows to the middle of the century to the outer edge of the arrow is called Marilyn Monroe.They really give the look languor.
  4. double arrows without tails connection.Lower the upper hand and do not meet each other.This technique allows you to open the deep-set eyes slit.
  5. Invisible hand.Not all girls can afford the arrow on the upper eyelid, for example, it is impossible for the impending century.As in this case emphasized lash line?It's very simple - the arrow is drawn directly on the line.It is necessary to paint the space between the lashes, and then draw the thinnest line of sharpened pencils along their growth.
  6. curved arrow.Another option for the impending century.This arrow is drawn so with eyes open, she looked solid, with smoothly rounded tail.
  7. double arrow on the upper eyelid - usually a bright and catchy version of the game with color, one arrow is drawn on top of another.They are often in the summer.They may be different in form, and therefore, any girl can apply them using their own scheme drawing.Their only feature - they are thicker than normal arrow to the eye.

Forms application techniques

  1. Aylaynerom.He gives the sharpest arrows graphically.
  2. creamy eyeliner.Externally, the effect of it is no different from aylaynera, but is sold in jars.The arrow is drawn with a brush.
  3. pencil.The most versatile option.Pencil can draw a clear direction (true, they will never have that clarity and gloss that gives aylayner) and can be shaded, get soft line.
  4. Shadows.To put an arrow shadows, you can moisten the brush or take a special retainer shadows - then the line will turn out fine and clear.If the shadows quite saturated and give a bright mark, you can not do without these devices.

Arrows eye: kinds of colors

It would seem that everything is simple: you can choose any color.From classic black to any suitable.However, there are two types of arrows on color: modeling (using natural color, gray, brown or black) and decorative.The first arrow can be almost invisible, and the second is contraindicated - it replaces the shadows and should be bright.Although its corrective capabilities while not excluded.Additionally, arrows are not only solid, but also the effect of the gradient.They are called arrows degrade.To draw such arrows, it is better to use a similar shade of color shades to get a smooth transition.

Extravagant arrows on the eye: species

Photo of fancy arrows are shown below.All of them are black - such an unusual form in itself will attract enough attention.

geometric variant on the theme of broad arrow Audrey Hepburn.Is that the arrow is drawn not continuous linear - the middle part remains free.However, the area is cut off intentionally - make space for the girls.

Parallel lines - this process has become familiar on the podium, but few dare to draw such arrows, even a party.Yes, we can say that these arrows look unnatural, but they are perfect outline century.

Giperstrelki - it is almost a make-up shades.However, it is still the arrow - a clear boundary of the shadows.

Finally, geometric eyeliner, reminiscent of printing proofs.If you are confused by the arrows, try to look at the photos from a distance.Despite the sharp lines are mechanical, they are really doing for ever more impressive.

draw the right arrow in front of you can learn by trial and error, taking note of the general advice on the selection arrow to the shape of the eye, because each of us not only different eyes and facial features in general.