How harmful parabens in cosmetics?

parabens in cosmetics are used almost everywhere.As these components affect human health?Should I apply this product?

Why use parabens in cosmetics?

On safety components always debate.Manufacturers claim that the ingredients are useful as environmentalists and doctors say the danger.But if a part of funds has paraben, it must be investigated.Usually these components are used as preservatives.The most commonly used propylparaben, methylparaben and butylparaben.Typically, one agent is used in several groups of components, and in conjunction with preservatives.This helps extend the shelf life and provide protection against microorganisms.

Paraben in cosmetics - is not uncommon.It is used in creams, decorative, shampoos, shower gels, and others.

determine the presence of the components of this group is simple - read the product.

Paraben in cosmetics: danger

Repeatedly safety of these components has been questioned.A few minutes after the application of cosmetics parabens penetrate the skin and en

ter the blood.In the study, breast cancers, 18 of 20 cases were found in the tissues of these substances.

believed that these components do not penetrate into the digestive system, and are localized in adjacent tissues.And they do not change and not excreted.The effect of these compounds is not fully understood.

also believed that parabens in cosmetics can mimic estrogen and help to increase the expression of genes regulated by estradiol.It is assumed that because of this feature paraben in cosmetics can lead to cancer development.We also know that it can cause allergic reactions.

Natural cosmetics without parabens

Through the use of modern technology, you can create herbal tinctures, which are stored for 2-3 years, moisturizing oils, with a shelf life of 18 months.If you decide that you need only cosmetics without parabens, the list of ingredients need to study very carefully.Manufacturers are required to specify all substances that are part of.To determine the presence of harmful components pretty easily - they contain the name of the word "paraben".But do not take place in the advertising tricks and useful to consider any medium, the composition of which does not include this component.Sometimes used other, less harmful ingredients.

Therefore it is better to choose cosmetics marked certain certificates.For example, "EcoCert" or "KosmeBIO".Among the most well-known manufacturers can be noted "Natura Siberika," "Planet Organic," "Organic Shop", "Madara" and others. The means these companies are relatively inexpensive, often cheaper than the "chemical" analogs.However, you can be sure of the effectiveness of the acquired assets and their security.There are also more expensive products, including, for example, by means of Maras "Bio2You", "Organix", "Colors of Life" and others. The latter company sells goods in the system MLM.However, similar ingredients can be found in other cosmetic products, which are much cheaper.