Trendy makeup items: types of arrows on the eyes

Arrows always considered fashionable.This make-up items paid special attention in ancient Egypt.Just remember straight arrow in front of Cleopatra!They are multi-functional element.They help to make the eyes more expressive, change their shape or enlarge.

Most various types of arrows in his eyes never go out of fashion, they are almost all, regardless of the color of hair and eyes.But before you start applying makeup, you should choose the form of arrows, suitable for you.

Recommendations Application arrow

If you have a big and round eyes, the bright and broad arrows you will emphasize their natural beauty.They need to be applied directly to the contour of the lash.Arrow should be drawn, starting from the inner corner

of the eye and bringing to the outside.The arrow should gradually expand.Its end should be slightly rounded upwards.

Types of arrows on the eyes should be selected based on their shapes.For example, small or close-set eyes, it is not necessary to delineate from the inner corner;it is not necessary to conduct an arrow from the very beginning of the inside of the eye.The arrow should be drawn as close as possible to the path of growth of eyelashes, while not speaking much beyond the edge (3 mm).

line on the lower eyelid should cover no more than one third of the outer corner of the eye.And do not forget to shade the line caused.So you make your eyes more expressive.

Most other types of arrows on the eyes should be used if your eyes set wide apart.In this case, you need to hold the line on the upper eyelid, outlining both the inner and the outer corner of the eye.The arrow on the lower eyelid should reach approximately to the middle of the eye and end at the outer corner.

Arrows "cat's eye┬╗

Forms arrow in front of a very varied.The most popular form of such as "cat's eyes", with which you can create an original image.This arrow is drawn on the upper eyelid, the edge of the line must be lifted to the temple.The following summarize lower eyelid, connecting line.

Types arrows eye pencil

Arrows can be applied not only to conventional black eyeliner.You can use almost any color pencils.Experiment with its image, use green, blue, purple and other colors.If you doubt that you will come out smooth and trim line, to begin with, draw a thin black arrow, and then point towards your chosen color.

If you want to make your makeup more original, you just need a pencil to shade the contour, lifting with the arrow on the outer corner of the eye.

Style Audrey Hepburn

This popular in the 60s actress always use the arrows to create its image.It is applied fairly thick contour lines, with the tips does not go beyond the upper corner of the eye.This arrow should be carried out by a thick line, starting from the inner corner of the eye and ending at the outer edge of the short curved tip.

Types of arrows on the eyes also different type of eyeliner you use.Any liquid eyeliner, and dry liner.Newcomers in applying this element of makeup is best to use funds from the felt tip.To avoid unevenness of shaking hands, a line must be applied strokes.