Chinese bleaching cream "Green Tea": what we know about him?

Brown spots may appear on the skin, not only after excessive sun or pregnancy.Sometimes they are caused by certain diseases.To return to the beauty and white skin, you can use not only the people's money, but also the Chinese bleaching cream "Green Tea."The effect of this cosmetic product is directed to the skin nutrition, to protect her from the sun and moisture.

Thanks to the cream of active green tea extract, arbutin, seaweed extract, tea polyphenols, moisturizing aloe extract prevents the appearance of freckles, age spots new, black pigment.Cream, decomposing melanin, thereby whiten skin.In addition to this action, whitening cream Chinese eliminates more and smooths wrinkles.It is contained in the cosmetic product aloe helps keep the epidermis natural moisture level.It stimulates the metabolism, affects the alignment of the color and its topography.

Chinese bleaching cream "Green Tea" comes in two forms: day and night.The complex of active substances are selected so that the skin during the

day was under their protection.

whitening cream "Green Tea" is easy to use.An important condition is the one thing it should be applied to the skin moistened and be sure to wet fingers.Every day in the morning and half an hour before going to sleep you need to clean skin apply a small amount and gently massage until it is completely absorbed.After seven to ten days the Chinese bleaching cream "Green tea" can be used already once a day.His kit includes two jars, each with 18 grams.One contained a white substance - is for day use.The cream is aimed at food and protect the skin from exposure to sunlight.In the second jar - yellow.This is for night use.This cream is a great impact on the existing wrinkles and skin whitening.With this color difference to confuse day and night means impossible.

Chinese bleaching cream "Green Tea" - a new generation of cosmetic.It effectively removes dark spots, maintains the elasticity and freshness to the skin, gives it brightness and moisturizes.Thanks to specially selected components the cream composition has a powerful healing effect.Tea extract is a powerful antioxidant.Under his influence calms inflamed skin, reduces its irritation.

regenerative functions of green tea make it possible to strengthen the tone of the epidermis, lifting his fatigue and preventing aging.Ingredients of green tea - vitamins, essential oils, enzymes, amino acids, plant proteins.These are powerful biostimulants.It is thanks to them that green tea extract has a strong effect on the skin, improving the microcirculation in its tissues, stimulating the production of collagen.

But bleaching cream "Green tea" from China have contraindications.It can not be used for a long time.Also, it does not recommend the use of cosmetic products women during child bearing and nursing mothers.