Lanolin - a component of many cosmetics

Lanolin - a fatty substance, which has a complex composition.As waxes of animal origin, it is made from boiled wool.The use of lanolin was prompted by nature.Fat-like substance that protects the wool of sheep from numerous adverse factors, was used in ancient Rome and Egypt.In those days people used crude oil.There have been harmful substances and impurities.Currently produced pure lanolin.It is obtained by using a starting material for chemical filtration.

Lanolin - a substance whose color varies from light yellow to dark brown translucent tint which is substantially translucent.The composition of the purified animal wax present izoholesterin cholesterol, ergosterol and higher alcohols and fatty acids.The consistency of the substance, which has an unpleasant odor, similar to thick and viscous ointment.

lanolin is widely used in cosmetics.This substance - the most nutritious and effective fat.Lanolin softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, protecting them from adverse external influences.This

unique wax absorbs and helps keep large amounts of moisture.It improves it, and cell regeneration.

Lanolin - a substance that allows the skin to become supple, soft and saturated with moisture.In its composition, this component is close to the human cutaneous fat.That's because the lanolin - an indispensable element in the preparation of the house nourishing cream for face care.It is perfectly suited for aging and dry skin.

Apply pure lanolin should not.It will clog the pores, blocking the access of oxygen.Yes, and smear the face of the substance just do not get.It has a high viscosity.Lanolin is used as an ingredient in the manufacture of cosmetics.However, it is considered the most allergenic components that can cause rashes and redness.That is why, before you use cosmetics containing lanolin, you should test it on a small area of ​​the hand (on the inner side thereof).

To eliminate pigmentation and freckles used for dry skin lightening mask.It is made from a teaspoon of lanolin mixed with water, collected in volume 2 of Art.l., and grated on the finest grater cucumber.The mask rests on the face for fifteen minutes.

for aging skin perfect tonic.In addition to a teaspoon of lanolin dissolved in 1 tbsp.l.previously boiled water in its composition must be enabled grapefruit and honey.Beat with a mixer the mixture is kept on the face for fifteen minutes.

In the case where the fading skin is dry, you can use the following recipe.In absorbed water lanolin added 1 h. L.oat flour and 4 tbsp.l.freshly squeezed juice apple, gooseberry, melon, apricot and grapefruit.Thoroughly mix the mashed applied to the face.Removing the mask after a quarter of an hour of warm water.

In the case where the cosmetic of lanolin is too viscous, greasy material should melt in advance on a steam bath.