Cosmetics "Mary Kay": reviews and assortment

Mary Kay Ash - founder of the cosmetics company.Her organization was founded in 1963 and today is one of the most successful in its field.Because the choice of many women - cosmetics "Mary Kay".Reviews you can meet and negative.But most women customers were dissatisfied, prone to allergies.The rest of the production of "Mary Kay" approach.

little history

Mary Kay Ash, starting a business, had a small start-up capital - only 5,000 dollars.Of the woman he was already 45, but before that she earned twenty years in direct sales, hence her experience was great.Some recipes have been bought leather tanner and his daughter, while the other had inherited from her grandmother.But this legend.It is not known where to start producing cosmetics "Mary Kay".

positive review

Many women are happy with the price-quality ratio.In their view, the products of "Mary Kay" is no different from the luxury brands by the action.And noted that before selling the cream, lipstick or mascara, a consultant will always tr

y.It should be noted that the brushes, sponges for testing are always individual, there is a risk of contracting herpes and other skin diseases are not present.

Particularly pleasing the ladies:

- a system for facial care "Time Wise";

- miracle set "Velvet Hands";

- lipsticks and glosses;

- mineral shade;

- perfumes.

Of course, this is an incomplete list of products offered by cosmetics "Mary Kay".

Reviewed negative

Some women noted a negative effect on the skin of the products "Mary Kay".Most often appear redness and rash.This is because the individual response to one of the means belonging to the components.After all, this product contains natural substances - and they can manifest allergies.But this does not mean that cosmetics "Mary Kay" bad.

mainly women customers from Russia are unhappy with the price, considering that it unduly inflated.But high-quality products can not be cheap.

Cosmetics "Mary Kay": prices

Buy products of this company can be an independent beauty consultant.In stores, it is not for sale.The price for a set (cleanser, mask, lotion, cream) starts with 2000 rubles.It all depends on what you want to purchase.Cost makeup starts from 240 rubles.On the perfume prices are relatively low - a bottle of perfume is from 1250.

«Mary Kay": cosmetics and perfumes for men

company manufactures products not only for women but also for men.Most of the stronger sex are satisfied with the use of foams, gels or colognes.The line "MK Men" is designed for facial skin care men.Basically this:

- gel and shaving foam;

- aftershave;

- cream;

- cologne.


Any girl can choose the products for themselves and in accordance with their age.The company also manufactures products for facial skin care and body, which can be used from 16 years.And the company "MK" from August 2013 began producing decorative series, which focuses on young girls: the shadows, pencils, lipsticks and glosses.Young ladies who love cosmetics "Mary Kay", leave only positive feedback.