The whole truth about domestic perfumery: the cream "Sperm" from "Neva Cosmetics"

several years now can be seen on the shelves of cosmetic cream shop "Sperm" from "Neva Cosmetics."He once enjoyed with our Women's wildly popular.And now, when a host of different expensive imported and domestic care products for skin, buy it infrequently.And in vain!He has a unique composition with high content of natural ingredients, nice unobtrusive odor, light enveloping texture.Today, we try to restore justice and to tell about it inexpensive, but very good cream.

Whence such an interesting name

Cream "Sperm" ... strange name, is not it?It turns out that there is nothing extraordinary here.The name of the product gave the wax-like substance spermaceti, which is formed by cooling the liquid fat cetaceans.Use this animal product in cosmetology began long ago.He became one of the main components of the first face creams.Also, a substance used in the manufacture of perfumes and ointments protivoozhogovyh.In our time, a ban on the production of sperm whales, which are extracted from the head of the

so-called sperm oil.So now instead of the face creams are administered kitalan or cetyl palmitate, which have similar properties.

the cream

Now we come close to the composition of the means to care for dry and normal skin as a cream "Sperm".In it, besides the above-mentioned cetyl palmitate, have the following active ingredients:

• lanolin;

• pchelny wax;

• olive oil.

Action Product

effect of this product due to its constituent components.Thus, the cream "Sperm" ("Neva Cosmetics") perfectly heals minor wounds, soothes dry, irritated skin, protects it from environmental factors (frost, cold wind, etc.).This product is well removes flaking and redness.This cream prevents the loss of natural moisture skin.Fine wrinkles are smoothed after application.

How to use

And now about how to use the cream "Sperm".Prior to its application, clean the skin of his usual means, rinse it with cool water.Then lubricate the face cream.After 20 minutes, when the agent is well absorbed, it will need to get wet towel, removing excess.After that you can start applying makeup.Reviews


read reviews of women, it can be concluded that many of them as a permanent means to care for dry skin choose spermaceti cream from "Neva Cosmetics."Its low cost is a huge advantage among similar products.And the care it provides irritable, prone to flaking and redness of the skin in the winter, exceeds all expectations.

We have seen what is in the cream "Sperm" of our national brand.Also discovered how it affects the skin.We hope that someone this information would be useful.