Fragrant and gentle bath foam

daily carrying water treatment not only implies a standard implementation of hygienic measures, but also allows you to perfectly moisturize, scented skin and improve its tone.An excellent tool in achieving these goals is all known foam bath.

Types of funds

Until recently, the only commercially available gel foam bath.Today, however, its appearance significantly modernized.Now, on the shelves and in catalogs of cosmetic products can be seen in the form of salts, foam, bricks, soaps, and effervescent tablets.Sometimes such a wide range of head starts to go around.

In addition to differences in appearance and structure, all sold today foam also differ from each other in their properties.You can purchase tool moisturizes the skin during bathing and immediately after it, or tonic.Very popular in recent years began to enjoy a bubble bath with a mark "Aromatherapy."Taking a bath with her addition, you can not only moisturize the skin, but also to get rid of mental stress.In addition, depending on wh

at kind of additives have been used to flavor the tool, not only can relax after a busy day, but on the other hand, to cheer up.

As you can see, the range of foams for baths today is huge, so it is not surprising that many people are interested in, what exactly is the best.Speaking directly about this product well-known manufacturers, one of the leaders in sales is the company Avon.Foam bath of the firm is now one of the most popular products sold her.

Advantages foam Avon

almost daily bath foam from the cosmetics company "Avon" finds his new fans.A wide range of these products contributes to this perfectly.Today, in the pages of the catalog you can find not only the usual gel foam, but also tablet-pop, which, in contact with water and turn it into a gentle white cloud.

In addition, fans of this particular manufacturer's mark also such advantages as low cost goods, economical consumption, volume and stable foam, pleasant fragrance, skin moisturizing after bathing.But the main advantage - it is the volume of the bottle with the means - usually it is not less than 850 ml.The cost of these products is relatively small and in most cases does not exceed 200 rubles.It is not surprising that quite a large number of people today the best bubble bath - a foam from the "Avon".

But how many people, so many opinions.In addition, if you talk in terms of safety for health and the environment, in this case, the best remedy is the one that has the least number of colors, flavors and other chemical additives.

But do not forget that too often taking a bath with foam may cause dermatitis or allergic reactions.Experts dermatologists are strongly advised not to use this product more than once in seven days.