Choosing a wrinkle cream: reviews and advice beauticians

Sooner or later, each of the women there comes a time when it turns its gaze towards such cosmetics as a wrinkle cream.Reviews cosmetologists say that in this matter the main thing - to choose the right product.And by the way, is not always win the most expensive products.You just need to consider some points that will help you opt for an effective means.

How to pick a good wrinkle cream: Testimonials

Usually, we used to hear that the best product must be accordingly.So many people think that it is impossible to buy at a low price effective wrinkle cream.Reviews that only dorogushchie jars from well-known companies are able to return your youth, a little cunning.After all, we must understand that even well-chosen set of care for aging skin will not give the same effect as advertising promises.Experts believe that most of the youthfulness of the skin due to the genetic level.However, we can influence physiological processes, help yourself if such simple things like avoiding harmful habits, the corr

ect approach to nutrition and rhythm of life, as well as the cream of the first wrinkles.

Experts say that the act must begin well in advance, even before they appear on the face of the first signs of skin aging.Especially since almost every company presents its products for different age categories.This greatly simplifies the task of women when choosing the appropriate device.But really need to know the type of skin, age, and everything?Not so simple: you need to pay special attention to the composition by choosing wrinkle cream.Reviews beauticians suggest that only those firms that provide the consumer a detailed list of ingredients that are worthy of your attention.

Which components must be present in creams from wrinkles

elastin and collagen fibers are natural springs, which make our skin elastic.With age, all the physiological processes in the body are in slow motion.This also applies to synthetic fibers which are responsible for elasticity, including hyaluronic acid.Therefore, if the lack of these components stimulates skin aging, anti-aging agents should therefore contain in their composition, these substances.Also look in the list of components of coenzyme Q10.This substance, which ensures normal functioning of all cells, including in the skin.

Company "Vichy" has managed to win the trust of consumers for the quality of its products.At the same time it is located in the middle price segment.Many women have tested anti-aging line of cosmetics "Vichy LiftActiv".The drug provokes a more intensive production of collagen, thus ensuring its elasticity and perfectly tones and nourishes the skin.It is recommended to use as day and night cream from wrinkles.Reviews of many women suggests that after a few weeks of the series "LiftActiv" skin is much smoother.