Why perfume "Coco Chanel" was a breakthrough in perfume?

Connoisseurs of fine fragrances do not even suggest that the eternal classic - perfume "Chanel number 5" - owes its origin to a man who at the time was linked to the Russian Empire.The fact that the perfumer Ernest Beaux was the son of a man who served at the Russian court.Enterprising Coco at the beginning of the last century, communicated with many famous personalities, including Prince Dmitry Romanov, who introduced her to the perfume genius.

perfume "Chanel number 5" was created by Ernest impressions from visiting the territories in the Arctic Circle, where he will always remember the unique flavor of freshness and tried to recreate it in perfumes.It must be said that the number five - it is a very complex smell, which starts with the bitter orange tree (neroli), bergamot, lemon and ylang-ylang.It is complemented by a whole bunch of synthetic aldehyde compounds.In the middle of the aroma there are lily, May rose and jasmine Grassky.Flex is complemented by vanilla, sandalwood and vetiver.

perfume "Chanel number 5" - this is the first scent of the abstract plan.They clearly do not smell any of the flower, and this is a breakthrough in the perfumes of the time.A distinctive feature of the company's products is that elegant women's fragrance is almost always enclosed in vials of strict geometric shapes.He insisted on itself the creator of the company, fond of minimalism.

In a limited amount available and perfume "Coco".Chanel, according to Jacques Polzha try within the western world oriental flavors of spices, amber, which brought her a new success.On the basis of tangerine, peach, orange blossom and mimosa perfume built this trail, which is in the middle carries a carnation, rose, mimosa and clover.And all this splendor is replenished with sandalwood, vanilla and amber.Such a suitable addition to the image of a strong woman held what was Coco.

What fragrances for the powers that created the brand under the direction of Coco Chanel?Perfumes, described claims that they are suitable for men with a capital letter, have been released in 1955 ("For the Lord").They are fans in our time.It is believed that Chanel embodies them difficult feelings and experiences of his many novels, creating a scent for your image the best representative of the stronger sex.Spirits have a beautiful greenish color, have a citrus accent notes include Sicilian peonies, verbena, neroli, coriander, ginger, cardamom, white cedar, vetiver and moss.

Like today are creations of Coco Chanel?Spirits reviews which rave just confirms the genius of this woman.Together with its perfumes and thanks to the tireless work she created a fragrance that made her a style icon for many decades.From the most popular brands of spirits are the following: "Coco Chanel number 5", "Coco" and "number 22", "Coco Mademoiselle", "crystal", "crystal Vert", "Chance".Not forgotten in the work of the great ladies and Russia: in 1924, the house Chanel released the fragrance "Russian leather", which are still produced and can be purchased for around 9-11 thousand.