Tone cream factory "Freedom" or BB cream Soviet-style

popular in the Soviet years of cosmetics factory "Freedom" is still very well known in the CIS, and many women still use these products.Previously, it was primitive tight tubes with the simple design, but in recent years the company and its products have changed.

About products

Tone cream factory "Freedom" (he jokingly also called BB Cream Soviet-style) - a very interesting tool.Although, if only because, for example, the make-up of actors in Soviet films is good enough.Not a pimple or dark circles under the eyes of artists, we do not observe.For a photo shoot of the time also we used this foundation.Photos of Soviet models though they were specific, but the color of their faces was quite acceptable, and the skin - with no visible defects.Now a huge number of women using this tool and to mask bruises and bruises.Moreover, given the Soviet attitude to the quality of products, we can assume that the foundation of the factory "Freedom" meets the quality standards of that time, as it is known, was a

t the highest level.

Cosmetics factory that contains the full set of skin care, body, hair and teeth.To this day, popular bleaching creams with cucumber and parsley, toothpaste, shampoo and soap, as well as massage, moisturizing, antivovozrastnye tools and foundation.

Ā«FreedomĀ» - is a factory that works or a decade.Over the years, the scientists of this cosmetic association has developed many unique recipes, which are varied in purpose and means of properties.All products are made of ecologically pure and natural raw materials.

in the manufacture of cosmetics, the factory uses fruit acids, extracts of various herbs, oils of natural origin, bee products, pro-vitamins, elastin, collagen, liposomes, all kinds of valuable minerals and other natural ingredients.This fact distinguishes these products from many other brands, although it is a representative of the low price category.

Nowadays made the introduction of new developments aimed at improving the production processes and, of course, cosmetics.Each year, the range of products increased by thirty percent, and many products have received patents.

Tone cream factory "Freedom" was also updated.And he again found their buyers.And let the reviews about this tool is different, the product has found its niche in the market of cosmetics and demand.Someone says it's old-fashioned and completely useless tool that has long outlived her, but there are positive evaluations.Tone cream factory "Freedom" won the hearts of many women during the Soviet years.And this is understandable, because before there was a shortage of such funds.But today - along with older women - it responds positively to young people and that only proves its quality.

However, words are not able to give a full assessment of this product.Everyone chooses the means to care, that are more suited to him and efficiency, and price.