New items from the series "One hundred recipes for beauty": Product Reviews

few years ago, the stores have the means to care for hair, face and body series "One hundred recipes for beauty".Reviews of them already have.So you can get an idea of ​​their effectiveness.It should be noted that this series produces a cosmetic concern "Kalina", which is known and its other no less popular brands, such as the "Black Pearl" and "Clean Line".To cover the entire range of tools series "One hundred recipes for beauty" is not enough for the day.Therefore, in this article we will talk about the most unique updates to the brand.

Anti-aging cosmetics: cream soufflé facial goat milk

skin after 30 years need special care.It's the first time the appearance of facial wrinkles.If you missed this important period, return your skin to its former beauty and freshness in the future will be very difficult.The experts of "Kalina" is perfectly understood.So they created a lightweight anti-aging cream soufflé "One hundred recipes for beauty".Reviews for women it suggests that it is very convenient to us

e.After all, in a package with the tool has a special spatula, by which it should be applied.In a cream-souffle unique natural ingredients such as oat milk, goat's milk, mummy, mulberry.With this tool perfectly restores the skin, it nourishes it, reduces the age pigmentation.

Serum - cream "youthful glow»

Another novelty of a series of anti-aging of the brand - whey cream "One hundred recipes for beauty".Reviews of her women, mostly positive.They like a very light texture means that makes it comfortable application.As part of the cream only natural natural antioxidants: green tea extract, rose hips, black currants.The cream smoothes delicate thin skin around the eyes, moisturizes it for the whole day.

Soap thick hair and body "Refreshing»

there are among the means of cosmetic line "One hundred recipes for beauty," comments that we consider here, and liquid soap.At its creation the company's experts inspired by ancient recipes detergent formulations for hair and body treatments based on natural ingredients such as herbs, fruits and fragrant oil.Thick soap "refreshing" contains the following active ingredients:

• lime and lemon oil, which strengthens the hair and struggling with the age skin pigmentation;

• green tea extract, uhazhivaeyuschy hair, improves skin elasticity;

• peppermint essential oil, which regulates the activity of sebaceous glands.

Universal thick soap "refreshing" can be used both for the body and hair.

Hair Balm "7 active oils»

Means for hair care of the brand - a topic for another conversation.Assortment of them very large.So I tell only one of them, created on the basis of seven oils commonly used in cosmetics.Balm "One hundred recipes for beauty", reviews of which you'll find here is designed for hair in need of special care.In its structure are peppermint oil, olive, buckthorn, bitter almond, tea tree oil, wheat germ.All these ingredients nourish the scalp and hair smooth throughout.And which is part of the means of burdock oil well struggling with their loss.Reviews about this Women balm confirm its effectiveness.They say that after its application the hair becomes extremely soft and manageable.

Face Cream "Propolis and bifidokompleks»

As is known, only that the skin looks beautiful, that is healthy.Given this, the company's specialists have developed a special tool for care of the face, containing milk and propolis tincture.This cream "One hundred recipes for beauty", reviews of which confirm its effectiveness, vitaminiziruet skin, saturating it with vital components, and protects all day.Its constituent bifidokompleks normalizes its microflora.Apply to be a means for the face and décolleté.

We reviewed the trends of "Kalina" from the series "One hundred recipes for beauty".We hope that this information will help you decide when choosing cosmetics.