Congratulations on the Day of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Who guards our security, and provides all the clear sky over your head?Who at any time of the night and ready to help and she is committed to take part in the lives of people?Of course, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.People working in the state structure, characterized by courage and a firm, fair.No matter what happens in the country, they stand to protect it day and night, which is especially valuable for its ordinary citizens.

How to congratulate the defender, the hero, a warrior?

Day of the Interior Ministry in Russia is March 27, while the Interior Ministry official holiday celebrated on 10 November and for many people in the country it is a very significant event.Generally, in all cultural centers and palaces in these days of November and March are massive concerts dedicated staff of one of the most important departments Rosii, and to all who have relatives or friends working in the Interior Ministry, a dilemma: how to congratulate in such a memorable daya loved one?We invite you

to meet with a selection of poems wishes to be relevant it is during these holidays.

Congratulations on the Day of the Interior Ministry

Despite the fact that the celebration of the best in any rhyme wishes are considered in a humorous way, March 27, better to pick up a serious poem with deep moral sense.Day of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - is a serious celebration that is usually marked on corporate evening in the restaurant, so there is present even high officials.To congratulate all sitting round the table with such a momentous occasion, it is possible to say such an original toast:

Day of the Interior Ministry note, friends,

But relax, we today can not:

We guard standing at home parties,

And so should be ready.

Wish colleagues every success,

fulfillment of all that you thought a dream.

Let your family be peace and comfort,

Let your friends will not forget, and favorite - waiting.

presents another option for original greetings on the Day of the Interior Ministry, addressed exclusively to men, because law enforcement agencies work primarily by men:

You're a warrior and a fighter, native,

and protect - your calling.

Let luck for you

Passes terms of the distance,

Let keeps you always

Your heavenly guardian - angel of light.

let you Bestows year,

and fulfills all desires.

Humorous congratulations for the police officer

What a holiday without fun?That's right - absolutely no!And the day of the Ministry of Interior is also not an exception.Despite the fact that this holiday is a very serious division, we still suggest you read a humorous toast suitable for the friendly company of law enforcement officers and their families:

you - police officer,

Therefore listen:

Lesshere drink alcohol

And more eat.

Why do we guard?

Because childhood

Mom cooked porridge we

semolina, with all the responsibility.

And now we sit large

We are at the festive table.

Unity throughout Russia

We eat ... and then drink!