How to organize a lottery for anniversaries comic?

most often to the anniversary of someone from the family members begin to prepare in advance.Think through the program, choose an outfit, selected menu.Many believe that the main thing - to feed and water the guests.Then they will remember the holiday.This is not true.In fact, entertainment is more important!One of the best ways to amuse guests - a lottery (comic).On their anniversaries can be arranged quite easily!A flurry of emotions - guaranteed.

preparatory stage

First you need to decide what will be the prize in a lottery: tangible or intangible.The first role can perform anything from soft toys and ending with poems and songs.You can, of course, and "mix" gifts.After the lottery - comic.On anniversaries it is especially important, because the main thing - a good mood.It is important to remember that the number of prizes should be sufficient (and even with a margin), so that everyone could take part in the draw.

What should lead?

«Homemade" commemorative lottery comic so good that the hos

t could do whatever he pleases: improvise, joke, sing and dance.But first it is necessary to choose the theme of the lottery.And on this basis to build your image.Quite an interesting idea - to organize an evening of magic.Accordingly, it will be necessary to dress up in costume fairies or wizard.Definitely handy magic wand.Do not interfere with pointy hat and cloak.You can get the book and magic (though it will not spell, but the scenario is quite possible to burn!).And you can go another way and become the leading television lottery.Then you will need an evening dress (the leading-lady) or suit / tuxedo / suit (leading-man).

Next you need to decide what will be a joke.This is an important part of the holiday!Lottery comic for anniversaries can be implemented as:

  1. leading holding "Tsvetik-semitsvetik" (the number of petals can be increased).Guest indicates petal detaches it from the bottom and reads that won.
  2. in the hands of the master - the balls inside which a note with the name of the prize.To find out what has now become the property of the guest, it is necessary to pierce the ball!
  3. Senior holding a bundle of several threads of different colors, which are braided, for example, in spit.Each guest chooses a color, then spit spliced ​​collectively, and are invited for the "thread of Ariadne" at the end of which - a gift.

So may be carried out joke lottery for anniversaries!

How to choose gifts and how to deliver fun?

souvenirs have to choose, based on what the anniversary is celebrated.For example, the comic man on the anniversary of the lottery-motorist may be followed by a quiz.Leading guest says that it becomes a winning car, which like most hero of the day - have to guess what the brand.As a result, the guest receives a copy of the mini-cars to guess.Or, for example, the guest handed opener in the form of a wrench.If the man who celebrates the anniversary - a fisherman, the guests can "fish out" prizes from a pool or fountain using rods.And the presents will be a variety of fish: metal, glass, etc.

can make a prize created himself a guest, for example, drew ANNIVERSARY card, sang or danced incendiary dance!

Good luck!