Tinsmith's Day - a holiday without rest

It has become commonplace to associate the phrase "Day of ..." with some professional holiday, having a calendar specific date.Day tinsmith - exception.If it is, and can be perceived as a holiday, it is only as a labor lasting "until the last customer."Everything in this event due to the complete surprise, guaranteeing trouble (mainly roads), and full-time members of this glorious profession.

Specificity Day celebrations

tinman tinsmith profession, which, along with the profession janitor has recently been linked to the future of Losers, in our time is not only popular, but also prestigious.In many auto service shops it is - one of the most important.

It will need to grow accordingly increase the number of vehicles.In any case, until such time as they have a tin box.

Day tinsmith associated with the advent of winter, or rather, even with the first snow, that is the first trouble for motorists.Number of days varies.And anyone fraught road accidents a day acquires a name that some people causes ir

ritation.Indeed, why carelessness traffic services (legendary Russian trouble - fools and roads) is to playfully called "Day tinsmith."And this "holiday" has dedicated a lot of humorous poems, stories, jokes.It is clear that everything is relative, and joke on the subject predisposed not all.

Records 2013

also clear that the harsh winter, the more happy days would have required members of this profession.Therefore, tinsmith's Day 2013 because of the unprecedented natural disaster has broken all previous records.Very heavy because of the incessant snowfall had 17 and 18 January 2013 in the city of Ryazan.The number of road accidents in times greater than the usual indicators.No better was the case this year in Petrozavodsk and Krasnoyarsk, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.The country is in fact the most.

Of course, all the trouble, especially relating to the nature, always come unexpectedly.To provide for and anticipate a sudden heavy snowfall or freezing rain hard.Especially if the person lives in the country, and personal transport - only possibility to get to work.That is the Day tinsmith in some way - a national phenomenon, includes the state of the roads, and Russian "maybe" and natural anomalies, and belonging to operdelenie territory.

Future Day tinsmith

course, calls time to change tires have an impact, and law-abiding motorists are becoming more and more, and the sand is delivered in most cases systematically.And believe in civilized relations on the Russian roads, in what the state of their traffic and services will be in time to match the best international standards is necessary.But to the delight of the Day tinsmith quite a large number of employees of service centers in the foreseeable future will not disappear, and maybe get the official status of a holiday with a specific date in the calendar.