Day Air Fleet of Russia: how long ago it all began

Day Air Fleet of Russia ... pronouncing the name of this glorious holiday, hardly anyone thinks about how long it is celebrated.And some question arises: "How is this memorable date is different from the other, known as the Day of Airforce?"In fact, the names are similar, significant days in the calendar located practically next door.So, maybe it's a holiday, which is popularly called differently?Let's deal.The first has very deep roots, although few solemn day associating with the name of Nicholas II.And in fact he was the one through which the wave function in Russia has become a real force.However, Parks balloons and airships existed before.

It all started long ago ...

Commission aeronautics originated in Russia in 1869.She was charged with the responsibility to determine how effective the balloons, they are able to assist in the war.A year later, through the efforts of the Commission in the sky of our country was raised first balloon, and after 16 years there will be the country's first park of

aeronautics, which became a separate, independent structure.Of course, pilots, or rather, pilots of the time, can not be compared with modern aces.They could not even imagine what opportunities will have their great-grandchildren.But even then, it was courageous, decisive, intelligent, well-educated professionals.The best of the many.To fly in the sky, pilots learned the basics of physics, discovered first hand the laws of aeronautics.But most importantly - they are constantly improving their vehicles, which rose into the sky.The advantages of our aircraft, all deeds and records begins with them - first balloonists our country.They also envied the boys.And the air park can be considered the ancestor of today's aircraft, though officially the Day of Air Fleet of Russia began to celebrate later.

Balloons, dirigibles and doves

Interestingly, the first park, bringing together pilots, submitted to the Commission, which was responsible for the work of balloonists, watchtowers and ... pigeon.Since then, the pilots involved in the wars, correcting the fire, producing intelligence.Minister of War even created a special "air" command in Pskov, Novgorod, several other cities.On the whole of Russia then had 65 balloons.In 1908, the park added airships.However, the Russian Air Fleet Day is still celebrated: military officials suspicious of innovations and airships afraid.That did not stop in 1910 to open a flight school in Russia.It seemed as if the fleet is already (at this time there were as many as seven planes!), You can celebrate the Day of Air Fleet of Russia.But even the appearance of the first squadrons (1911) the situation has not changed: the pilots still obeyed Engineering Management.Only in 1912, Nicholas II changed the situation.He created a special piece, which specializes exclusively in aeronautics and is subject to the General Staff.In August of 1912 was marked by the first day of the Air Force of Russia.Of course, no holiday, no congratulations were not, but the event was held.Since then, not only the pilots, but also all those who served the flying devices became especially dear people.

and Stalin, and the Supreme Council, and Putin

role aircraft is difficult to overstate.I am aware of this and Stalin.It was he who decided to celebrate the Day of the USSR VF, since 18 August 1933.Holiday in the country fell in love.As time went on, but when the Soviet Union collapsed, and the new Russia was born only, the Supreme Council, preserving tradition, decided to leave the Aviation Day in a festive calendar.The latest version of the Decree took place in 2006.He canceled one of the points of the previous document "On establishing the Day of the Air Force."The holiday was regarded as a memorable day in the Armed Forces.It aims to maintain the prestige of military aviation.Since that time, Day Airforce note on 12 August.Congratulations aviators at the place of service, in families.However, all public celebrations to mark the Air Force, held on the third Sunday of August.Russian Air Fleet Day 2013 celebrated on August 18 and this year it falls on 17 August.We are waiting!