How to distinguish natural from artificial skin: useful tips

Modern technologies allow enough quality to forge skin substitute that is almost impossible to distinguish from the natural material.Experts have learned to not only the front side, but also the wrong.As a rule, artificial leather goods has a specific smell, but some "virtuosos" interrupts the addition of leather crumbs.In order to understand how to distinguish genuine leather from the artificial, you must know the basic subtleties and secrets.

The skin is different from the alternatives?

In everyday life, people are constantly faced with a variety of leather goods, so it is important to understand the difference between real and artificial material.The first well-breathable, and does not lose its characteristics from extreme temperature values.This prolongs the life of the product and ensures ease of use.But, of course, the price of the skin significantly higher than its substitutes.

How to verify the authenticity of the material in the store?

Ways to pretty much, but not all are implemented s

uccessfully in life.For example, it will also set fire to the product in the store.Therefore it is necessary to know the other, more loyal to the methods for determining the quality.

  • water.To verify the authenticity of material should drop a small amount of water on the surface.If the skin is natural, the liquid is absorbed quickly, and this place will darken.Artificial material color does not change and will not absorb water.
  • deformation.In order to understand how to distinguish natural from artificial skin, it is necessary to bend.If the exposure time in this area formed folds and disappeared after termination - a measure of the natural material.
  • slice.If possible, you need to carefully examine the cut.Leather should be much thicker than the artificial, which is made on the basis of textile or polyamide.
  • Checking with palm.In this case, you need to make a hand to the surface of the product and wait half a minute.Natural material is heated very quickly and gives off heat by absorbing moisture.Substitutes little cold and do not take moisture.


Artificial leather and natural have one major difference - the smell.Natural material in a special smell and flavor of this confused with other impossible.Substitutes have the smell of oilcloth or plastic.But some unscrupulous manufacturers use special flavors that it interrupted.Therefore, when buying only rely on what the smell of the product is not enough.All signs must be assessed in the complex.

softness and elasticity

usually a natural material not as hard as artificial, but modern technology allows to make very soft substitute.The skin stretches smooth and elastic, although tension on uneven areas.The artificial material is more like rubber.Clicking on the natural skin, you can feel its density and elasticity, and the dent disappears quickly.Imitation is hardly pressed, and fingerprints can be seen for some time.

This material is completely painted over, so in the crook of the product must have the same color or a lighter.Not knowing how to distinguish natural from artificial skin, you need to pay attention to the wrong side.Replacements may have as a base fabric or other material.Leather and fleecy inside like a woolly plush, just short.Complete with high-quality product is always a piece of material from which it is made.

Checking fire

most tough but effective method - a test of fire.You can burn the match and touch the skin.If it is true, nothing terrible will happen, but the artificial material necessarily suffer, he immediately begins to melt.

Naturally, it is impossible to carry out such an experiment where necessary.It is necessary to find a suitable place.This is because some manufacturers have treated skin substances which make it flammable.

How to choose quality shoes?

Today, even experienced craftsmen can not always determine how well the shoes.The easiest way - is to see a small sticker with graphic marks on the shoe.They pointed out what made sole, lining and surface of the shoe.If the emblem is painted, repeating the outlines of animal skins - so real shoes.In the case where diamond is depicted, the presence of the synthetic material.Matting indicates that there textile component.But the inscription - is not the only characteristic of the skin, so you need to look at the cut.

material structure

Cutting products - a very important indicator, since you can see the structure of the material.The edges should be "raw", unprocessed appearance, which have no substitutes.They sections smooth and resemble plastic.

basis of many products from synthetic materials or textiles is a polyamide, so you can see sticking thread.Bend at the edge of the skin thicker and rounded.

thinking about how to distinguish genuine leather from artificial when selecting footwear, remember that the pores have substitutes uniform and repetitive, in contrast to the natural materials that have an uneven pattern.

should not rely on the land, which is located next to the "lightning", some manufacturers have specifically added to a small strip of skin to give a product natural.


To make it easier to understand how to distinguish natural from artificial skin, you need to pay attention to the surface of the product.As a rule, substitute very polished, to hide the flaws.


In any case, whatever shoes or acquired, be sure to take the seller a check stamped by the store.This will exchange the product or return the money if the shoes will be of poor quality.But despite the advantages, which is a natural material, synthetic leather is also worthy of attention.