Do you know how often should the baby move?

woman feels about her baby movements in the second half of pregnancy, although the seventh week of fetal life is characterized by its activity.The first tremors occur when the fetus becomes quite strong and moving arms and legs, "knocking" on the wall of the uterus.Feeling the first blows, future mom starts to worry about how often the child should move, and there is a need to address to the gynecologist if tremors stopped.

On what terms the woman feels a stir?

The first pregnancy, a woman feels tremors in the 20th week of pregnancy the next time - on the 18th.These are average figures, for example, a woman may feel anemic even stir at the 13th week, while the owner of magnificent forms feel active kid on the 21st week.

Newly appeared moms do not know how often the child has to move, and the first stirring may even miss.Feeling like a gurgling in the stomach or intestines.Realizing what it is, a woman begins to listen to yourself.

Do not be afraid that the fetus suddenly froze: he's just sleepi

ng.For complacency can contact a midwife with the question of how often should the baby move, and make anti-stress test.Besides, the kid feels very state of mind of his mother.If the mother is well, the child calms down.

after 30-31 weeks of pregnancy daily active feels tremors.The fruit is becoming more and blows - insistently.Some women feel after the thirtieth week of reduced activity of the fetus, but their intensity increases.It is advisable at this time to record the number of aftershocks.You need to know how often must move the fruit, as experts believe that the movement should not be less than ten per day.In the last weeks of pregnancy a woman is not only feels the child's activity, but also sees the fragments of his activity on his tummy.

What do ultrasound?

procedure ultrasound (US) should take all pregnant.This process is pleasant for the mother, because she sees her baby for the first time on the monitor.Previously surveyed pregnant special sensor (aka - the probe).For modern women are much more interesting, because ultrasound for pregnant women is carried out using the latest equipment.The special probe inserted into the vagina of women in the early stages of pregnancy.In addition to the two-dimensional ultrasound, through which the monitor is visible black-and-white photograph of the fruit shape, there is a three- or four-dimensional ultrasound.Last (4D) gives a clear color image of each body of the child (even in the early stages).

On what terms should be sure to do ultrasound?

  • first - at 10-12 weeks to pinpoint the timing of future births and learn how pregnancy proceeds, includinglisten to the fetal heartbeat.
  • second - from 20 to 24 per week;if the three-dimensional ultrasound, then determine the sex of the baby mothers, increase the arms, legs, and experts will review the development of all organs.The second ultrasound allows time to identify defects.
  • the third time ultrasound to make 32 to 34 weeks in order to learn the presentation of the child and other features that allow experts for future delivery.

hope you know now, how often should the baby move!So let your pregnancy proceeds peacefully and happily, and generations will be prosperous!