How to calculate the day of conception - popular methods!

Now almost every married woman carefully prepares for pregnancy - getting rid of bad habits, takes advice from experts who tell us how to calculate the monthly cycle, and deliver a variety of all kinds of tests.It is only after passing inspection, the couple begin to prepare to conceive a baby.They are usually ready for the appearance of small "lump", so look forward to when the long-awaited and carefully planned pregnancy.

How to calculate the day of conception?

fertile period lasts only a few days each month.It is now considered the most favorable and likely to conceive a baby.Within twenty-four - forty-eight hours after ovulation the probability of fertilization is maximized.How to calculate the day of conception?In practice, there are several methods.Most preferably two or more of them to determine the most favorable for the conception of the day.Often, the majority of women of childbearing age ovulation occurs about two weeks before the start of menstrual bleeding.Therefore, regular and steady c

ycle can easily calculate the approximate date of ovulation for a couple of months in advance.

How to calculate the day of conception by a schedule change "basal" temperature

Measure the rectal temperature should be at the same time each morning.One should not get out of bed.These need to bring to the table, and uses them to construct a graph.By doing these manipulations over several months, you may notice some regularity.Temperature in the first half of each cycle is kept at around 37 degrees, it falls after about 0.5 degrees, and then increases dramatically to 37.5.Time of ovulation accounts for some point between recession and its temperature rise.In other words, at the time of recession should begin to act decisively!

How to calculate the day of conception - Ovulation Test

These tests accurately react to the release of the hormone, called luteinizing.His ejection occurs in about one day before ovulation.To conduct these tests need daily all day (from ten in the morning until eight in the evening).You start from the seventh to tenth day of the cycle.Two strips to test for determining ovulation mean it coming soon.It is worth noting that the brighter they are expressive, the faster it is your hour.

How to calculate the day of conception - signals the female body

Many of the women are so sensitive that they can detect approaching ovulation using signals sent by the body.

This can manifest itself in the following: general slight malaise, pain in the lower abdomen, as well as an increase in vaginal discharge mucous.Good results can give and ultrasound of the ovaries, which is held in mid-cycle.

you want a baby?You have all come!In it to be believed, then your dream will certainly come true.And soon you will learn about how to calculate the day of delivery.Light your pregnancy and the upcoming birth!