What are the curtains for curtains.

carefully thought-out design of the window opening - an important step in creating the interior style of the room.Curtains, curtains, tulle and other design options make housing more comfortable.They protect against excessive sunlight, covering the window and scattering rays.Huge selection of fabrics, textures and colors allows you to implement any design decision and make a beautiful and unique design.

What curtains

Curtains Curtain - a light curtain draped by a thin translucent fabric, fully or partially closes the window.Most often they are used in combination with the heavier and thick curtains, but sometimes you can meet them as a separate element of design.

curtains used to manufacture materials which are well leak air.The fabric should be easy to clean, easy to wash and ironing.Organza, tulle, chiffon, voile, lawn perfect for curtains for curtains.The price depends on the quality of the material and the size of the canvas.It is advisable to choose light-colored or pastel color fabrics.

curtains perform several functions simultaneously:

  • decorate the room, give the interior a finished look, make the room more comfortable;
  • protect from bright sunlight, scattering rays that contribute to fading of furniture;
  • hide from prying prying eyes from the street.

curtains are used for curtains in different areas where there are windows.Each room has its own nuances of the selection element.

Classification curtains

There are several criteria for classification curtains.One of them - the dimensions of the web.They can be from floor to ceiling, to close all the window opening, or only part of it.This depends on the size and purpose of the room, as well as the box itself.Large lush curtains are more suitable for a hall or bedroom, and short - for the kitchen.

Depending on the number of pieces of fabric, types of curtains can be odnopolotnymi and double-piece.The first is well protected from drafts from the windows.They are moved in one direction only.They can be decorated with original garter or pickup.Sometimes they hang curtains in two layers.Double-piece curtain can be moved apart in different directions.It is advisable to use them in large window openings to move the belt does not block the light.

Types curtain differ according to the type of fastening, which is increasingly dependent on the tissue.Light air curtains can be hung on a thin braid.Fixing with rings and loops withstand any type and weight of fabric.If the interior is provided in the form of a cornice tube can be hung on a heavier curtains with eyelets.Model Selection of curtains depends on the shape, size and method of opening the window.

Selection type of curtains for the rooms

large role in the selection of curtains plays a type of room for which they are intended, for every room in the house has its own nuances in the design of the interior and windows.

kitchen curtains is not recommended to the floor.It will be sufficient length of 15 cm above the window opening, and a little below par, or a windowsill.When cooking food in a room cloth gets dirty and requires frequent washings, so better to choose curtains inexpensive but easy to care for.Bad snow-white coloring, more practical to choose a material with a simple pattern, but well lets air and light.Because the kitchen is often ventilated needs easy access to the window.In this regard, should not hang heavy curtains with lots of pleats and frills.

in living rooms (living rooms and bedrooms) should be long curtains, the floor and wide, twice as wide as the window.Thus, they are well closed room from the extra sunlight and create a beautiful drape.Coloring tissue predominantly white or pastel colors.Curtains in such rooms often decorated with lambrequins.The curtains in the bedroom where you relax, to be created from natural, solid materials, with calm colors.The living room should be decorated with curtains, appropriate interior style is not only this room, but the whole house.

where you can give free rein to imagination, to come up with an unusual design and decorate curtains different decorative elements.

In the nursery curtains for curtains should be sewn from natural materials.Do not forget that children need a lot of sunlight, so the curtains needed light, transparent.Perfectly suited for kids bright colors with pretty pictures of flowers, butterflies, favorite cartoon characters.The cloth should be extendable to day it could push, and at night - tightly closed.For security reasons, consider installing reliable, sturdy cornice.

fabrics, colors and decor

For sewing curtains use a thin, well lets air and light patterned fabrics, mesh or checker pattern.This may be nylon, voile, organza, batiste, lace, tulle, silk.Elegant look beautiful curtains with embroidery, pattern, woven or printed design, shiny metallic threads.

fabric for curtains can be:

  • cotton - not electrified, miss a lot of light and has a matte finish, difficult to care;
  • synthetic - over the air, going to beautiful folds, easy to clean.

often choose curtains of white or another very light color.Window with such curtains look more natural.You can hang the curtains, and a more vivid patterns, but they should be in harmony with the overall style of the room.

Curtains can complement a variety of decorative elements.It can be a variety of shuttlecocks and pelmets.Look great original accessories - locks, grabbed brushes, cornices.For the current minimalist style will be hidden moldings and accessories.

Tips for Choosing

There are a few nuances by which you must choose curtains.The low buildings make better use of ceiling cornices.The cloth should be no unnecessary details - ruches, flounces, etc.Visually increase the height of help curtains to the floor, with small folds or narrow vertical pattern.

expand the narrow room translucent curtains with a pattern of horizontal stripes.Cornice selected long to shut the curtains not only the window, but also part of the walls on either side of him.

If located directly under the sill panels, the thin tissue that does not touch them, hang curtains short curtain.Another option - cornice advanced forward so that the web was at some distance from the heat source.

When choosing curtains should be considered a general solution for interior rooms.For example, the required brush classical style, ruffles and flounces, will be completely out of place in a minimalist or high-tech design.Similarly, it should be in harmony with the surroundings and the colors of the web.

Care curtains

Design window should be not only beautiful, but also accurate.Various folds, drapes, pelmets and other textile items currently collected on the dust and pollutants, so they need to be cleaned periodically.This can be done with a vacuum cleaner, but with very little power, so as not to damage the delicate material.

best care for curtains - a hand wash without the use of aggressive detergents.They must be well rinsed.Stroking the canvas should be at a lower temperature, and only the iron through a damp clean cloth.