Why buy a blanket from hollofaybera?

The correct choice of bedding depends on healthy sleep.Most importantly, under any blanket person sleeps.It should be warm but breathable, lightweight and uyutym.All these requirements are met by a blanket of hollofaybera.This modern filler in recent years become increasingly popular.Beds come with him to meet all the requirements of healthy sleep.More and more people not only for themselves but for their children to choose a blanket of hollofaybera.Reviews of him are mostly positive.Those who have acquired it, emphasize that it is not only a warm and easy, but also easy to clean.

What hollofayber?

This is a modern high-tech synthetic fiber developed in Russia.Now he is the most popular substitute for fluff and other natural insulation.High quality is coupled with a small price.This filler favorably with all other synthetic fillers.When producing hollofaybera no adhesive is used, since the fibers are glued together under heat.A feature of this material is that its fibers are twisted together and form

a hollow spring.Therefore, this material retains heat well and is resistant to creasing.Additionally, the hollow fibers are breathable.Hollofayber now used as a filler for the clothes, mattresses and blankets, upholstered furniture and even the walls for insulation.

Types Holofayber

1. Soft.This material is soft and elastic.The fibers in the form of hollow springs evenly spaced in the web that provides ease articles thereof and the ability to "breathe."

2. Medium.It combines the softness and durability of natural down synthetics.It easily holds its shape and not wrinkled.Because of the ability to keep the microclimate of the human body it is often used in the manufacture of children's bedding.

3. Hollofayber balls are often used in baby blankets.It is very light and well-kept warm.Furthermore, it can be washed frequently, and it does not support combustion.

Blanket of hollofaybera

Feedback from those who have used such bedding mnogochilenny, as these products have many advantages.These blankets can be used in both summer and winter.They are easy to wash and dry quickly.Disadvantage of this filler users hardly noticed.However, some point out that the blanket is very hot.And, of course, over time, especially after frequent washings, the structure of the material is destroyed.Hollofayber chosen by those who appreciate the comfort and ease of use, and health care.It is particularly important, such as having to baby blanket.Hollofayber this is the best choice.Light and warm, a blanket will make the dream a strong kid.A bright colors will draw like him to bed on time.Sleep under such a blanket will be healthy, because it is not only "breathes", but not electrified and does not start mites and various parasites.

Pros such blankets

- Hollofayber - ellastichnogo and very elastic material, therefore it keeps the shape well and not wrinkled.This is especially important for children's bedding prindlezhnostey, who are often subjected to various physical effects.

- Blanket of hollofaybera very light and soft.It is even easier for those who are filled with natural down, but the quality is not inferior to them.

- This is a fully synthetic material, so it is hypoallergenic.With a blanket, you will be sure that there are no ticks and other parasites.

- hollofaybera hollow fiber structure provides good ventilation.Under this blanket is maintained microclimate of the body, and man is not hot.

- These bedding are safe because they have antistatic properties and, moreover, is not flammable.

- Blanket of hollofaybera absorbs moisture and dries very quickly.Therefore, a person does not sweat it, it does not feel wet.It is very important it is for children's bedding.

How to choose a blanket of hollofaybera?In general, such

bedding suitable for all people, this is very good filler for children.Choose a blanket with hollofayber easy.First of all, you need to determine the order of the season for you to buy it.There are lightweight, all-season and warm blankets.This depends on the amount of filler.You need to pay attention also to the fabric material of the blanket.It can be either synthetic or natural.For baby blanket is better to choose bright colors with your favorite heroes of fairy tales.What else to look out for when buying a quilt-hollofayber?Its price usually varies slightly, depending on the manufacturer.Generally, the filler is one of the cheapest, so in such demand.On average, a blanket costs about two thousand, but, depending on the amount and quality of the filler material can be purchased and its much cheaper.

blankets hollofaybera - is the best choice for those who care about their health.This filler is also called "ekofayber", because the quality is not inferior to natural materials.