American Staffordshire Terrier: Breed, nature photo

Although still tense debate on fighting breeds of dogs, yet a large number of breeders house appears American Staffordshire Terrier.Not because these people are not afraid of anything, but because, well bred dog, it can safely leave even a baby, which she will cherish and protect.

American Staffordshire Terrier: history of occurrence

This breed appeared in the 19th century, when fans of dog fighting crossed the bulldog and terrier.In the course of this experiment to get the perfect dog for quite a hard sport.Once in Britain learned of this discovery, breeders decided to bring several members of the new breed in England, so that the light appeared Staffordshire Terrier, the nature of which differs aggression.Despite the fact that, in fact, this American-British mix, according to the standards of the International Canine Federation, this is a purely American dog.

Shorten Staffordshire Terrier Amstaff called.


Amstaff In a short but very thick hair, and color can be quite varied.Puppies are

born one-color or spotted.A distinctive feature of the breed is its amazing endurance and strength.For example, the Amstaff can easily climb over the fence from the grid, clinging to her only by their claws and pulling on the feet.Besides, terriers are very strong hind legs, so they can overcome the jump more than 2 meters.

With the growth of 47-48 cm in the dog reaches the weight of 30 kilograms or more, having a highly developed muscle mass.

Since this fighting breeds, Staffordshire Terrier requires training from his master.It is not recommended to start a Staffordshire terrier those who have not experienced before with the Education and training of such dogs.


Staffordshire Terrier breed description is pretty scary, is not as aggressive as it seems.Amstaff - is surprisingly clever dog having a good-natured character and fervent tetchy.Very faithfully it applies not only to its owner but also to the entire family, especially children.Devotion and courage - qualities of terrier from the very first days of life.

Still seething blood fighter combined with a powerful body sometimes plays a joke on a good-natured dog, and it can become more aggressive, began to play.In order to completely eliminate undesirable consequences, it is important to model the behavior of dogs and inspire her rule through a rigorous training and training.

course, Stafford never attack the host, but the rush to protect his family can result in a threat to the normal decent passer or neighbor.The dog must clearly know the team and understand that only after the owner will say the keyword, it will be able to attack by malicious users or to protect the owner, if he was attacked by stray dogs.Staffordshire Terrier is ready to fight a whole bunch, and is likely to win.

fact that this breed is very attached to the family and is sometimes confused with a real threat of a simple pat on the shoulder or a friendly game.In order not to be in the powerful jaws of the dog, it is best to comply with a certain distance when you first came to visit the family, which has recently appeared Staffordshire Terrier.Breed does not says that uncontrollable dog, however better to give her a chance to get used to your presence.After some time Amstaff begin to perceive you as a friend and made to feel comfortable and well with you.

American Staffordshire Terrier: puppies, how to choose the future

Choosing a pet - a complex process, so it's worth a lot of patience.Four-legged friend should not only like the look, but also meet the stated performance breeder.

Buying small Amstaff, you must clearly define for themselves what it is you need a Staffordshire terrier.Puppies will be more expensive if the list of your requirements will be great.If you decide to have a champion in the house, then carefully read the international standards and specifications, which should have a future winner.To continue to participate in exhibitions, it is best to take a puppy from the kennel and make it a family tree.In addition, a professional breeder will help you make the right choice and will tell you what to do next, when the house will Staffordshire Terrier.Description of the breed and lineage, which he will give to you, will make the best choice.

If you decide to have Amstaff as a defender and guard your property, pay attention to how the puppy is balanced.Aggressive dogs from birth after additional training aimed at rigid behavior may become unmanageable in the future, and even harm the host.If you need a bodyguard, buy a puppy under the age of 2 months with a calm character.

Take more adult dog that has passed training course and training is not the best idea.Like any animal, from Amstaff have special affection for the one who raised him and trained.Moreover, in the course of training at the dog could develop certain habits and traits that may be incompatible with yours.

Boy or girl: who better

If we talk about the future of the field of pet, the dog breeder novice, of course, is to take the girl.This is due to the fact that girls are better Terriers-trainable.In addition, they do not tend to dominate as males, and this will be a great relief for the host, as a male, first came to the family may decide that he is the boss, and you have to prove him wrong.Amstaff-girls quickly become attached to his master and always want to please him.The only disadvantage of such a choice - it is a potential pregnancy.Deriving darling for a walk, you need to very carefully behind her, as in heat it will be surrounded by pretty persistent fans.

Amstaff-boys more aggressive but also more independent.Although dog training still have to spend a lot more time and patience.In addition, dogs are constantly mark their territory on the street and at home, so my workouts have to add one more point.

how to train and educate the American Staffordshire Terrier

The way the dog will behave as an adult, depends on the diligence and patience to master.It is important to start to train and teach the puppy to the discipline before he turned 1 year.At the age of 1.5 to 6 months Amstaff learn best.

peculiarity of training Staffordshire terrier is its socialization, because by nature the dog is quite aggressive towards relatives and people.From the first months, start to teach your puppy to the fact that he is surrounded by people who do not wish to harm him.

After the baby had made all the necessary vaccinations, and it is well transferred quarantine, it can begin to display on the street and slowly familiar with the other dogs at the site.If the puppy has started to show a modicum of aggression, just show him that this is wrong, this pattern of behavior is unacceptable.Of course, when you are faced with a small Amstaff and tries to growl, it's pretty funny sight, but do not give in to emotions, because in a few years it will be a good-sized dog and is no longer up to fun.

worth very seriously monitor the behavior in training Staffordshire Terrier.Photos posted on websites of dog, can help you decide on the outfit, etc.If you can not train yourself mighty protector, best to consult a professional trainer.Attend a course of training, you will learn all the nuances of a fighting dog in the future be able to work independently and with a favorite to fully appreciate the breed "Staffordshire Terrier".Reviews owners of such dogs abound positive emotions and praise their pets.

Strength training is extremely important for the proper education and training dogs.In specialty stores, you can buy weights and other appliances for physical exercise, which enjoys Staffordshire Terrier.Description of all required can be obtained from a specialist.

What qualities appreciate in a man Amstaff

for this breed tend to lead the pack.In our case, a flock - a family, a Amstaff absolutely sure that he is her leader.Show the dog that he is not, and you are the owner and principal.To do this, the puppy appeared in the house, it is important to explain that sleeping on the bed, going out, etc.he can only with your permission.Thus, the hierarchy is restored, you can control the animal in any situation and be for him the authority and leader.

Amstaff appreciate the strong character, for their hardness and consistency - is the ultimate expression of power.Do not lisp a terrier, he does not understand, it is better to talk seriously and treat it like a reasonable man, and not as a sweet baby.

How to care for Staffordshire Terrier

Wool American terrier is short, so do not require special care.The dog is enough to comb periodically with a stiff brush.Amstaff love to swim, so you can pamper pet water treatments.Then wipe the dog's coat automotive suede, and then it will shine.Prior to bathe terrier, be sure to inspect the skin for cuts or small injuries, if any, it is better to postpone bathing.If after a bath the dog an unpleasant smell, contact your veterinarian is likely the animal is ill or suffering from a chronic infection.

walk with Staffordshire Terrier is recommended as often as possible, it will help him get used to the environment and to feel better.Always keep your dog on a leash and muzzled during walks.The sudden encounter with a homeless dog or a drunk person can lead to what hurt himself or a bystander Staffordshire Terrier.Breed contains a number of caveats.

Diseases Stafford

virtue of heredity and boundless good health Amstaff little sick.Besides the dogs of this breed are not predisposed to genetic or hereditary diseases.Nevertheless, there are a number of diseases that afflict Staffordshire Terrier, reviews of the owners have the following complaints:

  • Cancer.
  • deafness.
  • Inversion century.
  • dysplasia.
  • cataracts.
  • Arthritis.

In order to avoid the risk of possible diseases and infections that can be transmitted from dog to other animals, you need to put the puppy necessary vaccinations at the age of 2 months.Before vaccination is necessary to carry out prevention of worms, and after the procedure to protect the animal for several weeks of stress and communicate with other dogs.

Lifespan American Terrier is 12-14 years.

Power Staffordshire Terrier Amstaff

completely unpretentious food and care, however, and they have their own preferences.Dogs love offal, but they need to be thoroughly boiled, pre-cut into small pieces.You can also feed your pet:

  • liver.
  • lamb.
  • beef.
  • chicken heads and necks.

To the dog was in the form of, be sure to let it boiled fish, but only by removing it from bones or carefully put out, that they become softer.

puppy will be useful to give dairy products, calcium-containing.You can cook the mixture for this purpose on a liter of milk, add 2 tablespoons of calcium chloride, and then boil the milk and collect it in cheesecloth, allowing fluid to drain.

cereals approach:

  • Oatmeal.
  • Corn grits.
  • Buckwheat.
  • wheat.

need to wash the bowl after each feeding, so it does not proliferate harmful microbes.Feeding should buy a special stand, which you will put up with the growth of the animal, he did not have to bend over.

Can you give a dog a bone

Bones can give your puppy when he begin teething.It's better if it's sugar or vertebral bone.But to feed a puppy or adult dog bones are often not necessary, it can lead to constipation.In pet stores you will find a delicious bone that will please your pet.Upon reaching adulthood Amstaff feed bones are not recommended because they damage the tooth enamel.The

not feed Amstaff

In no case do not let the dog:

  • Salt.
  • Sweet.
  • moldy foods.
  • smoking.
  • Fatty foods.
  • sausages, etc.
  • Seasonings.

Many owners feed the animal remains on the table, this is not worth doing, because the body can not handle a dog with a bad diet, saturated fats and other harmful substances.

In conclusion

devotee master until his last days Staffordshire Terrier, which is a photo next to the house with photos of the family, always trying to please your loved ones and trying to win the praise.However, and owners love their pets as full members of the family.