Pamir wedding.

located on the Pamirs in Tajikistan in Central Asia.Mountain areas Pamir significantly distant from civilization, so the people living here are not as modern as, for example, the residents of Dushanbe.The Tajik Pamirs in compliance with all customs and traditions.The people here are extremely religious, they worship their ancestors and keep the law.Tajikistan - a Muslim country, with its culture.Tajik national values ​​are not close to modern Russians, but interesting and curious.It is particularly interesting to study the culture of weddings in the traditional style.

Pamir wedding - a significant event for all in the district.As they say themselves Tajiks, wedding - a celebration especially for the guests, the groom and the bride's wedding a little significance in another.Preparations for the wedding begins with the selection of the bride to the groom.Often, the suit comes in the infancy called "govorabahsh."Young girls and boys are married or parents or matchmaker.According to tradition, before the

wedding, the bride and groom can not even talk to and get to know each other better.As the story goes, the younger the bride, the better.Quite early in life a young girl, not married, is considered "old maid."Pamir wedding a little different from other Muslim wedding.It is also preparing a pre-bride dowry, packed in 2 trunk.Helping her in this mother, sister, grandmother and aunt.Women sew kind of honeymoon blankets, pillows and other bedding, believing that their prayers and work to help the preservation of happiness in marriage.Also woven aunts cover protects the newlyweds from the evil eye and evil spirits.At this time the groom must prepare a ransom (bride-price) for the bride.

Pamir wedding, like any other, requires thorough preparation.Table decoration for a wedding, cooking, decoration of halls falls squarely on the shoulders of relatives.Any wedding-has put costly.Tajikistan has adopted a walk "on a grand scale", invited hundreds of guests, musicians and chefs.The traditional Tajik pilaf is a treat, cooked to a special recipe.People bought richer restaurants, which invites good thousand families, and those who have the luxury to afford can not organize the festival on the street.As mentioned above, the wedding - feast for the guests.The bride and her friends at this time leaves behind the curtain, where he will hold most of the evening.On the day of the wedding the bride wears a veil.Traditionally it is assumed that the tables are covered for men and women separately, and promptly at 9 pm the fun stops.Also at the Pamir entered the "dry law", so instead of drinking guests and the bride and groom drink tea.In truth, Pamir wedding - the wedding in a sober world.Talking about what you can and can not give for a wedding, it's worth noting that this is the law of Muslims is quite democratic.Relatives and parents give young machines, home.At the wedding, it is not accepted to save.The gift should be useful, necessary in everyday life and are not cheap, because you, like other guests, ready suite for family of independent life.

Pamir residents - the people hospitable, sincere.They honor and respect as their own tradition, and traditions of other nations.Traditional wedding all also popular in Tajikistan, but people are not far behind and from the modern world.Here, as in other countries, are popular Toastmaster services, singers and artists can entertain guests on this joyous day.Guests young family indulges in every way, fed and watered.Fun here can not continue and one day after the wedding does not happen too often.Grooms in Pamir nobles, and the bride did not inferior to men.As a rule, I do not even know each other before, the couple get along well and happily married for many years.