Method of hair tattooing eyebrows - make the image more expressive!

Tattooing eyebrows - is to give them the perfect shape with the help of special administration under the skin pigments.Modern technologies allow to make the tattoo as much as possible of course, avoiding the daily make-up for several years.This, of course, not all the benefits of this procedure.Hair eyebrow tattooing method is fully confirmed.This method of correction is literally transforming the face, making it more expressive.

in showrooms this procedure is called differently: permanent makeup, permanent makeup, mikropigmentirovanie.In any case, the master enters a colorant in the upper layers of the skin.It uses high-end equipment and plant pigments.

There are two types of such a procedure:

1. Feather.

2. method of tattoo eyebrow hair.

second is the most difficult and time consuming, but the result justified.Hair eyebrow tattooing method simulates each hair individually, so even on closer inspection, it looks very natural.There are several techniques of this process, of which the most c

ommon are the eastern and European.

Europe provides for a drawing of the hair from root to tip.This is a very beautiful and very natural eyebrow tattooing.Hair method, the price of which is much higher than normal correction in a beauty salon, it allows a woman to forget about the daily drawing the lines.

Eastern technique provides precise observance of the natural direction of the hair growth and the intersection.Choose the right hue and accurate study of the drawing method makes hair tattooing eyebrows way to solve many problems, such as:

- camouflage scars in this area;

- giving the density;

- correction of asymmetry;

- changing shapes and creating natural lines.

Tattooing eyebrows relieve a person from anxiety about their appearance on the sea, in the rain, on the beach.Permanente does not flow and does not require correction, which is so important in the conditions of the Russian weather.

Technique hair method is as follows: to start his eyebrows and inspect the wizard will offer the most suitable form for a person to be in harmony with the facial features.He draws a sketch, which will indicate the location of the hair, and then agree on everything with the client.Then cleanse the skin around the eyebrows, cleans it, mark the desired pattern pencil and make several small punctures in targeted locations.The most important point in tattooing is the right choice of paint color, so the wizard can mix around ten different colors.

When all the points will be agreed, the specialist will introduce anesthesia and after about 10 minutes start to work.He will make a small puncture needle to a depth of not less than 0.8 mm, moving in the direction of growth of eyebrows.The tool is selected in accordance with the thickness of the hair.Operating time depends on its size and complexity.Typically, within an hour the customer can already evaluate the result.In the first days after permanent skin may be red, but it quickly passes.Soon, the brightness of the picture a little decrease, but everyone will be satisfied with the result.Clear forms, rich color and natural curve - all tattooing eyebrows (hair method).Moscow - a huge metropolis, it is enough just to find a salon, which will perform the procedure at the highest level.The main thing - to determine the order, and what form of shade will look best on your face.