Phoenix: tattoo, sacred meaning and significance

mystical tattoo burning bird attracts its mystery and beauty of the many men and women.This symbol was known to the ancient Egyptians, who portrayed him then in the form of an eagle or heron.

Who is phoenix?Tattoo, the value of which we will try to uncover further appears in public more often.As far as we know, this symbol means rebirth and long life.

Numerous traditions say about the possibilities of this bird to live five hundred years, after which it makes a nest of herbs and burns himself to be reborn.Usually, the bird reborn from the ashes of three days.Because of this, the phoenix is ​​drawn on the background of fire.

very strong and courageous was a phoenix.Tatu acquired the corresponding value - resistance.It is believed that in addition, that the bird can significantly extend the life of man, it can still give it the strength and spirit of the resistance to hard times and difficulties of life.

This is a very powerful amulet, but its force is applied at the correct recognition of the fa

ct that life is in constant motion and development, everyone should be able to keep his place, despite the time spent in it.Therefore, the phoenix tattoo value can be both good and bad.The most important thing to know that a phoenix - a symbol of renewal and constant renewal, which allows you to change and empower the human body.

This symbol can come to both women and men.For such a phoenix tattoo designs are in any tattoo parlor.They should definitely please you.

very mystical and mysterious, this bird - the phoenix.Meaning tattoo really endowed with deep meaning.After all, she metaphorically conveys the idea of ​​the eternal life of the human soul.It went from a legend that the Phoenix has not lost his immortality, because he did not eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

In religion, as noted by the phoenix.Tattoo, the value of which is associated with the resurrection of Christ, some portrayed as a phoenix feather.The values ​​in this case remain the same, and to portray the pen can be black or fiery color.

tattoo artists converge in the treatment of the exterior of the Phoenix: This is the eagle, which has a long curved tail pretentious.Most masters draws it with the effect of movement.

man can usually choose a place for a tattoo.However, Phoenix requires considerable scale, as the only way to get the perfect tattoo.

What else can be said about the phoenix?In the eastern countries, this tattoo has its philosophical significance.For example, such a bird is goodness, kindness and reliability.Therefore, it is often possible to see a variety of phoenix tattoo on most women of the East.

It really decorates the girl, the more the Chinese phoenix, for example, can have a variety of colors wings: green, red, yellow, black and even white.

more feminine version of such a tattoo is a tattoo of a phoenix-hummingbirds.However, men prefer more stringent tones: gray, black, brown.

place for a tattoo, you can choose any of them.Typically, in various embodiments of the phoenix depicted on the shoulder, back or décolleté.