How to choose men's jeans?

Jeans, originally conceived as work clothes for men, today popular and loved by all, regardless of age and gender.If you have already decided on them by the manufacturer, cut and quality, it is small - the right to determine its size.It should be remembered that the jeans, as opposed to the classic trousers have a very close-fitting shape, without creating at the same time, discomfort when moving.

European or American?

have jeans is one feature: a variety of sizes for all their hardest to pick up on their own individual standards, especially if you are the proud owner of a non-standard shapes.Therefore, any model, it is desirable to try before buying.If this is not possible, they are chosen by the standards, to remove from the previously bought jeans that sit on you perfectly, the measurements must be removed from the buttoned products.

can often hear the question: "What kind of jeans?Size 27 - is what? "As the home to all of your favorite denim pants are the United States, and their dimensions me

et the standards for a long time in this country.Now sew jeans, different manufacturers, and the size (size) may be a European (EU), the US (US), English (UK).The first measured in centimeters, and the last two - in inches, where 1 inch up 2.54 cm.

What lies behind the numbers on the label

for proper selection of men's jeans are set two parameters: a waist circumference and height.On the label, they are denoted by the fraction as a W - the length of the belt (from the English. Waist - waist) and L - length of leg inseam (from Eng. Lenght - distance).Unit - inch.For example, men's jeans, size 27/32 - most running, they are designed for average parameters, so there are always on sale.

length jeans matched correctly if it corresponds to your height.This means that there is no noticeable breaks his pants, while they do not stay very straight to the bottom.Well sit at the waist jeans do not require sink marks, they are free button-down, close to the body and not dangling.Jeans tend to stretch, especially during long-term wear, so they must be chosen strictly on the size.The label model may contain information about that item are pre-shrunk, that is, the amount of the product is reduced after washing.

Features of construction size range

men's jeans line begins with a 27-gauge.What else you need to have the information to choose the right men's jeans?Size 27 - this is what? A case in point is the length of the belt, are in inches.If you calculate the size in centimeters, you get 27 x 2.54 = 68.58 cm. Rounding this number, we learn that the belt in this model is 69 cm.

Is there a simple way to determine with what size you needstart pick up his jeans?Size 27 - this is what will be the Russian standards?To quickly navigate the store and remeasure all the models in a row, you can use a simple calculation.If you know your size, subtract the 16 units, and received approximately the length of the waistband.For example, 50 - 16 = 34. This means that you can approach the model of which is present on the label label W34.

must be remembered that our range of sizes for men's jeans begins with labeling 42-44, which corresponds to about 27-28 US size.In other words, the product with the inscription on the label "27 Men's Jeans Size" on the Russian table, existing since the times of the Soviet Union, will meet 44th size ((W27 + 16) +1).As our mesh has a pitch of 2 units, must be carried round up.

There is another system, according to which the label of the product.It happens that I have to translate the US labeling in the European, to pick up a similar German or English jeans.Size 27 - this is some of the European scale?Since evromarkirovka considers hip girth at the widest place, it is more informative and easy to use.If, for example, the label states 30 EU, this corresponds to 30 x 2.54 = 76 cm on the thighs.

Types planting and cut articles

Many people confuse the waistline with belt width, but it is two completely different magnitude.To choose the size of jeans, you need to take measurements not at the waist, and through the navel or just below it, that is where there is the zone model with standard fit regular rise.

products may vary from the cut width of the belt, so when choosing a men's jeans should take into account the height of the waist, which determines the fit.The labels may be referred to it several markings:

  • lowest (ultra low-rise);
  • low on the hips (low-rise);
  • down (middle-rise);
  • waist (original rise);
  • inflated (high-waist).

When choosing jeans accounted cut leg: the thighs with the extension of the knee (boot cut), narrower (slim), tight (skinny), wide (relaxed, loose).

Nuances selection

to proportioning the product, its length is chosen according to your height.Given this, quite easy to pick up a comfortable pair of jeans.27 size, the parameters of which are the ratio of W and L, are designed for a very slim and tiny men.

to size 27 men's jeans trousers standard length is 29 inches or 74 cm on the growth of 157-165 cm. By American standards - is the smallest size, is referred to as XS (extra small), it is equivalent to the 40th European.Thus, size 27/30 - jeans, designed to increase up to 168 cm.

How to choose jeans

Before purchasing you must try on jeans, wear and move around to check the fit.Sometimes manufacturers intentionally increase the size or, conversely, reduce them, because everything is governed by the demand for a particular model.

jeans of the same size, but different manufacturers often have different parameters.One model can perfectly sit on the waist, but be short in length, the other - suitable for a cut leg, but have too wide belt.