Mixed fabrics for clothing

tissue acquisition, at first glance - easy task.A huge network of specialty stores have in stock a large range of goods.However, before you go shopping, you should decide what type of textile is required.

Currently, arranged production industry, a lot of variety of fabrics, which vary according to the destination.They can be natural or synthetic, and heavy air, bright, colorful and monochromatic.Each tissue has its own special characteristics.And when choosing a particular type of fabric should first decide for tailoring of products it will be used.

blended fabrics

combination of synthetic and natural fibers in the manufacture of tissue can significantly expand its qualitative composition.
Desired properties are achieved percentage of fibers.Mixed fabrics - a canvas of mixed type.It contains cotton and synthetic components.Natural fibers responsible for the hygienic characteristics of the synthetic and expands the operational capabilities.This unique combination allows you to receive high comfo

rt fabric, strong and durable.

composition blended fabrics

Using the unique technology of tissue were obtained for special purposes.Polyester and cotton - it supplies, which is made of mixed fabric.The composition and percentage of the fibers of this type depending on the types of fabric may be different.But mainly it is sixty-five percent polyester and thirty-five percent cotton.Excellent strength and flexibility are achieved appliances twill weave.

kinds of fabrics

mixed fabric produced in many countries.There are various types of it.High-strength, waterproof fabric "Greta" is different durability.Clothes made of this type of fabric is perfectly protected from rain, snow and all kinds of contaminants.Similar fabric properties has "Orton".The worker, dressed in clothes of the tissue to be protected from adverse weather conditions.For models clothes health staff, as well as light office suits excellent choice to be mixed fabric "TiSi".It produced different density.From fabrics of this type are used not only doctors, but also the service sector workers.This is due to high strength and excellent hygienic qualities of the material.For tailoring military uniforms and overalls and costumes used by hunters, camouflage is mixed fabric.This species is quite popular.Among its advantages are not only special colors, has a few options, but also sufficient strength, water resistance and practicality.

mixed fabrics for clothing

cotton, silk, wool fabrics - perfect material for sewing everyday wardrobe.However, for special purpose clothing required tissue has the characteristics that ensure its mission.Mixed fabrics - perfect material for the job suits, overalls, raincoats and jackets.

Overalls must first be comfortable and durable.Yet its main purpose - protection functions.When modeling overalls determine what protective effect it should have.This will be a major factor when choosing the type of fabric.Mixed fabrics can provide protection from high and low temperatures, humidity and other adverse conditions.Despite the special purpose clothing made from this type of tissue, rather practical.And last but not least, the form and the costumes are beautiful aesthetic.