Selena Gomez Makeover: how to make

Celebrities always keep myself in shape, because their life - a constant performance, flash magazine covers.They are always in the spotlight, which obliges them to look after themselves.For stars the best professional makeup artists, stylists, nutritionists, cosmetologists, barbers, doctors and other employees staff.Therefore, they have quite a lot to learn, learn a lot of ideas for themselves.For example, in a make-up.You can try to make yourself like «Star» make-up.In this article we'll show you how to make yourself makeup Selena Gomez.This young pop singer has established itself as the owner of good taste and bright appearance.

Makeup Selena Gomez: leather

Every girl knows that a pledge careful make-apa - the perfect skin tone.Without that, nothing.Otherwise, make-up will look vulgar and out of place.Leather Selena always looks flawless.Part of this data is influenced by the natural, because the girl tanned smooth face.But despite this, the singer did not forget about the tonal basis.To the eye a

rea looking fresh, star uses a special concealer, which is composed of light-reflecting particles.Preparations leather light dusting.

Makeup Selena Gomez: circuit

By nature the singer round face with a pointed chin and a wide top.In order to more clearly delineate the contours of the face, Gomes uses bronzer.This facility should be darker than the main tone of powder.Bronzer is applied to the cheekbones, and then to the chin.At the same time you need to brighten the center of the face.For this star causes powder lighter color at the center of the forehead and the back of the nose.As a result, the face loses its roundness excessive.

Selena Gomez Makeup: eyes

Singer diligently draws all the attention surrounding its eyes.They are the highlight of her appearance.Before make-up Selena Gomez, you must tidy eyebrows.They have almost no stars curved and represent two almost straight dense line.This singer slightly emphasizes their shadow or pencil corresponding tone.Selena Brown eyes and no makeup possess expressive, so the day she could afford to appear in the light, enhancing the brightness only using mascara.However, in combination with the dark shadows, arrows or eyelashes eyes become languid singer, a fatal kind.

Makeup Selena Gomez: lips

increasing focus on the upper part of the face, the star leaves the bottom half in its natural form.Lips Selena often dyed or moisturizing balm or gloss light skin tones or matte lipstick respective colors.At the evening go out the singer can not afford to make the lips more brightly.

Selena Gomez Makeup: Tips

There are several subtleties that make-up the star.Selena Gomez always focuses on only one half of the face.If it allocates the eye, in which case the lips appear neutral.If the singer decides to use lipstick bright shades, her eyes remain natural.Moreover, Selena - priverzhenka classics.It's rare to see an unusually bright outrageous makeup.This make-up is acceptable only for the singer on stage or shooting videos.