Makeup for green-gray eyes celebrity

Whatever may be said about the nature of the holders of gray-green eyes, one must admit that such a color, reminiscent of sea water, it looks fascinating.Let's see how to highlight its beauty with the right makeup.

Makeup for green-gray eyes: correct shades

beauty of gray-green eyes accentuated by gold, peach, beige, brown, gray-brown shade - they all look very natural and pleasing contrast with the fresh cool shade eye, makingthey even greener.It is not always easy to choose the natural color: Directions for skin tone (light-dark and warm-cold-neutral) and experiment!

Another group winning shadow gray-green eyes - a gray and silver.They are especially good for the owners of a gentle cool skin.Black makeup green-gray eyes are usually recommended to avoid, but if the bright whites of the eyes, the color of the iris differs special cleanliness and appearance in general, quite a contrast, the smokey black colors or crisp black eyeliner will look great.

Of course, one can not ignore the purple-vio

let range.Makeup for green-gray eyes with these colors will be amazingly well, and will underline the greens, but you need to choose your own color.If you - the owner of a soft, low-contrast appearance, built on halftones, something good will be complex violet color with a distinctive gray component.Bright blonde could use more explicit purples, brunettes - plum.

original and very interesting make-up will look at the gray-green eyes with copper, silver, pink and turquoise shades.But all these colors - is very risky - instead of the cosmic radiant look effect can be obtained tearful inflamed eyelids, and in the latter case - turquoise shades - an unfortunate shade of eyes lost cause.

desirable that any eyeshadow Shimmer were and were not dull - it will emphasize transparency and unusual cold pearl radiance peculiar gray-green eyes.When choosing a lipstick should focus on skin tone, hair and make-up overall color scheme: may be good even warm peach tones, although in general the gray color of eyes suggests that the need to take a cold or neutral range.Unusually has highlighted the beauty of the green-gray eyes, deep plum, almost black shades lips - these colors will make your eyes even greener.

We select a gray-green eye makeup.Photos of celebrities

always interesting to see what kind of make-up "are" famous holders of gray-green eyes, especially if they have the opportunity to use the services of the best stylists of the planet.

Amanda Bynes - it usually can be seen from the air and very natural makeup, emphasizing the transparency of the eye.The shadows it uses either gray or beige tones: the one and the other looks very natural.

Kirstie Alley, with its magnificent dark eyebrows, lush mane of hair and bright contrasting appearance can afford bright make-up lips.To emphasize the eyes, it also uses a minimum of natural or light purple shades.However, it turned into a very light blonde, she began to appear in public with a more prominent eye makeup: black mascara, plus dark gray and light purple shade.Was she also experience with deep blue shadows with glitter, that is difficult to name the best one.

Kylie Cuoco - another blonde with gray-green eyes, confirms that there is nothing better than natural makeup for the girls this tsvetotipa.The warmth of the skin and make the hair shine more than the active makeup.Sometimes, however, it uses a classic for green eyes pink-lilac scale.

Next makeup for green-gray eyes in deep purple colors, which, incidentally, she came up with Kylie, the audience perceived ambiguously.Shadow were approved by the general public, but such an active plum lips many considered too heavy.However, it is undeniable that the shade very well with her skin looks dramatically.

Erin Heatherton - gentle blond with classic gray-green eyes, clearly includes a cool gray tone, and warm green.She once again podtverzhdate: such bright girl with a readily combustible warm skin nice and bright, without makeup.

But Erin, in addition to the natural golden-beige tones, often uses a doll-pink tone, which, however, are in perfect harmony with its spicy and fresh-faced.Also it is possible to see a silver shade.

You can also find it quite successful photo with rich brown shadows.Generally, owners of various shades of green eyes should look at the chocolate shades.Also, such a warm glowing blondes are very bright red lips.

Emily Browning - one of the most extraordinary women in our collection.Clear, but not too bright gray-green-brown eyes, gentle cool skin and dark hair.Sometimes she uses a gentle smoky violet shadows: they are perfectly emphasize green eyes.

Not without an experiment with wine lips, complemented by discreet gray purple eye makeup.I must admit that such lips really emphasize the unusual green eyes, though looks very obliging.In fact, the only thing you can seriously compete in this make-up - this shade of blush.

original and fresh makeup looks for green-gray eyes in smoky gray and mauve tones, no doubt selected by Emily a new hairstyle.

Makeup for green-gray eyes, you can also peep Jessica Biel, Kristen Stewart, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Connelly, Amy Smart, Olivia Wilde, Natalia Oreiro ... After all, they have exactly the same color eyes.What pleases, it is usually successful examples of makeup that it is possible to adopt.