Cosmetics "Mary Kay" - reviews of doctors and consumers

One of the most popular cosmetics is "Mary Kay".Reviews of doctors say that no harm to the skin, it does not bring.Where there were rumors about the dangers of cosmetics?What are hormones?Cosmetics Ingredients "Mary Kay," consumer reviews - all this you will learn by reading this article.

Hormones - friend or foe?

Hormones produced by glands secretion: pancreas, adrenal glands, ovaries.Estrogens are responsible for maintaining the youthful body.Gradually, their women becomes smaller.In medical applications they are used for the treatment of diseases of the reproductive system.But the company "Mary Kay" does not include a member of its products and hormonal substances.Moreover, cosmetics stem cell and hormones prohibited in European Union, United States, etc.But the company "Mary Kay" successfully sells its products in these countries for many years.

Cosmetics "Mary Kay".Reviews of cosmetologists

experts deny the myth that the composition of cosmetics includes hormones.The main active substan

ce - a plant extract that is "plant hormones".This name is used on the Internet, but in science that does not exist.In a network, a plurality of posts and articles that hormone cosmetics "Mary Kay" kills the skin and is addictive.But in the United States banned the use of these substances in the cosmetics industry.And the company "Mary Kay" is located in Dallas, that is, the use of hormones can not be there.Some beauticians use these products in their work, and the customers are satisfied.

why some women are not suited cosmetics "Mary Kay"

Reviews doctors say that not all women fit this cosmetics.In some skin really getting better, and others covered with a rash.It only means that some herbal ingredients of cosmetic products suited to someone, and someone does not.Therefore consultants always offer to get acquainted with the composition of cosmetic products prior to purchase.

Cosmetics "Mary Kay" - reviews allergist

According to experts, this product is not an allergen.A reaction is idiosyncrasy components.Therefore, in the case of redness, swelling, itching and flaking should immediately consult a doctor.Be sure to show the composition of the product that caused the allergy.

of consumers

Most women after use of funds from the company "Mary Kay" are satisfied!It is noted that the skin becomes more supple and taut.Buyers particularly like:

- five-step system "Time Wise";

- Cream "Velvet Hands";

- care system for young skin "Botanical effect";

- Mineral eyeshadow;

- loose powder.

But nail polish and mascara are not in great demand.

Why some women are dissatisfied with the products of the "Mary Kay"

The fact that many women believe that if the cream is slightly more expensive than the average, it should create a miracle!But there are cosmetics to maintain skin tone and elasticity, as well as for easy adjustment imperfections.Do not expect from the jar with a cream of something special.