Intimate gels: indications for use

Some of the fair sex are sure to maintain personal hygiene is enough hot water and soap.The most common procedure is based on the principle "take what is on the edge of the bath, and to use for other purposes."Gynecologists say however, that this approach is fundamentally wrong and even harmful to health.According to experts, instead of the standard detergent should be used special intimate gels - otherwise you risk to break the microflora.

What is it?

Bright bottles marked "for personal hygiene" began to appear on the shelves of Russian stores relatively recently - about the middle of the nineties.Today they are widely represented: the intimate gels, wet wipes, foams and even deodorants.All they need to maintain the normal acid-alkaline balance in the area of ​​the external genitalia.Someone may object saying that a healthy woman's body will be able to support it, and any aids that are not needed.However, this is not true.The "risk" are ladies who: regularly visit the pool with chlorinated water, ex

periencing intense stress (this can be fitness or aerobics), wear synthetic underwear, tight jeans abuse, use panty liners, are taking oral contraceptives or antibiotics, experience frequentstress.Sound familiar, does not it?If you checked at least one item from this list, intimate gels you just need.

Why do they need?

According to doctors, pH in the intimate area of ​​about 4.5-5.0.Liquid soap and shower gel are alkaline environment which has a negative impact on the acidity of our "gentle places," washing away beneficial lactobacilli.This can lead to a variety of unpleasant consequences: from dryness and discomfort that occur during intercourse to thrush.Intimate gel with lactic acid help to restore the acid-alkaline balance.

How to choose a product?

As mentioned above, the range of such funds in pharmacies is very wide.However, do not rush to grab the first-encountered: First, carefully read the label.Look for moisturizing intimate gel with lactic acid and aloe extract and chamomile: It is good affects the lining of the vagina, moistening it and promoting regeneration.At the same time it should not contain artificial colors and flavors, if the means really high quality, it will have a weak "medical" smell and a distinctive white color.The most popular among women using the products of such brands as "Laktetsid" and "Epigenes."Good are represented at Nivea, Avon and Carefree.It must be remembered that the intimate cream-gel in any case not intended for the treatment of gynecological diseases, if you are concerned about the itching and burning, immediately consult a specialist.

How to use it?

use of funds will depend on what kind you choose.Intimate soap or gel used during washing.The same applies to foams and mousses.Napkins are indispensable in situations like long shopping trips, a trip - you can use them anywhere.But deodorants (and this happens) can be applied only to a clean body, they will not replace the bath.