Autumn makeup.

Speaking of makeup naturalness that is relevant today, do not mean fading and pale, but use very bright colors, too, should not be (in everyday make-up).Natural, calm shades that merge seamlessly into one another - this is what you need.The most current colors - golden, pale green, smoky gray, pink and beige.


Compared to the summer, when the foundation is applied to the skin very gently, autumn make-up implies a bold use of this tool.It is used not only to impart skin beautiful appearance, but also to protect it from the cold and wind.However, just buy and "smear" in the face of foundation - is the wrong option, you need to be able to use the tool.

necessary to ensure that after applying "tonalnika" skin look natural, smooth and clean.To achieve maximum effect, a foundation can be applied to a special base for make-up, compliance with this condition is not necessary.If

means badly smeared and it seems very thick, it can be diluted with ordinary moisturizing cream, the texture will be e

asier.In addition, the skin tone will look more natural.


Autumn make-up and involves the use of this tool.Powder makes the skin fresh and well-groomed in appearance.In addition, it does not fade creams, make-up becomes more stable.The best option - a colorless powder, it is suitable for any skin color (and toners).If you use a color version, the shade should be as close to the base.

should be noted that for the application to the foundation best suited loose powder.


And now the most interesting - the autumn makeup and suitable to his shadow.The most topical today, smoky colors - beige, gray, khaki, pale green.It remains in fashion and make-up "Smokey Aes" is literally translated as "smoky eyes".For its creation should be applied at the inner corner of the eye bright shade on the outer - dark and well-shaded border between them, creating a smooth transition from color to color.You can experiment a bit and come up with several options for each day, and for holidays, and even create an autumn wedding makeup.


Stylists recommend creating an autumn make-up not to use blush at all, or in exceptional cases to emphasize the freshness of the skin.Latest shimmering shades - bronze, pink and peach, matte colors should be avoided.


Stylists adhere naturalness here.Lips should look as if they have no makeup on.However, not so easy to achieve this.You must use loop natural hue a lipstick (or appearance) pastel color.Alternatively, it is possible to emphasize the naturalness of the lips, use identical lipstick.

Instead of conclusion

spite of fashion trends, no one stops to experiment and deviate from the accepted rules.Autumn make-up, photo of which are given in the article, do not always meet these canons.Individual style can be present in all cases.