Mascara "Clinique" for the eyelashes: Types

Each ink "clinic" is unique and has its own characteristics.All of them are tested by ophthalmologists to the possibility of applying for sensitive eyes.They can also be used when wearing contact lenses.However, consider the types of mascara, "clinic".Each of these is not like the others, to see this, consider the full range of tools for the eyelashes, which is the manufacturer.

Universal ink

First of all, it should tell you about the universal means of High Impact Mascara.It is made of polymer-based, which gives lashes incredible volume.Looking at the same time becomes more expressive, eyelashes considerably lengthened, bent, their volume increases.If you use this mascara "clinic", then apply several layers do not need to have enough of.

This justifies the name means "universal," because with it, and the amount increases considerably, and bending becomes larger, and if the lashes grow in length.

Mascara volume

Cosmetic means High Impact Extreme VOLUME Mascara makes eyelashes thicker,

fluffs them and gives volume.The eyes become more expressive, and this effect lasts for the whole day.This mascara "clinic" is equipped with a special brush, which is uniformly and quickly covers each eyelash.

Waterproof mascara

Mascara "Clinique" High Impact Waterproof Mascara is designed for women who want to have their eyes remained expressive in all conditions, even at high humidity.The tool forms on each cilium film repels moisture.This creates a length, volume and color saturation.

curls mascara

Cosmetic means High Impact Curling Mascara is made on the basis of a special thermal technology, which is created by bending a fabulous lashes.This formula works 24 hours, not smeared mascara, not showered, and can easily be removed, simply use warm water.

This mascara "clinic" forms on the eyelashes special film that keeps bending eyelashes and does not weigh them in the process.

Extending ink

High Lengths Mascara has a brush with fine teeth, which are arranged in a specific order.With their help the lashes separated and visually lengthen.

stable ink

Mascara Lash Power Mascara was originally designed for the Asian countries, which differ excessively humid.Despite the fact that the cosmetic product is very resistant to water, it is quite easy to rinse.The developers recommend that you first soak it.For this swab moistened in water temperature of 39 degrees, ink soak, and now it can be washed off with warm water normal.

Mascara lower cilia

Mascara "clinic", reviews of which can be found only positive, and has a kind, designed specifically for the lower cilia.It turns out that many women complain that they are uncomfortable with the mascara brush painting the lower hairs.In connection with this, we developed a new tool.It has excellent resistance, for 24 hours, you can not worry about the lower lashes.

basis for mascara

For many unusual remedy that is applied to the lashes before painting.It holds the ink, improves its function and provides a longer-lasting.