Powder Caron: types and uses

Powder Caron draws attention due to its unusual design.However, within this package lies quite interesting tool.Interesting in the sense that it is very high quality and has earned the love of a huge number of women.

turn to history.Powder Caron, by some accounts, has not changed its structure from the beginning of its development, and that was more than a century ago.With difficulty in this hard to believe, as each manufacturer tries to change its products for the better through the use of new developments.This is so, the composition of funds adjusted, but only slightly, the basis remains unchanged.In addition, the recipe for powder kept in strictest confidence.

Caron powder is available in two types of crumbly means: classical and transparent.The first option for the combined and normal skin.It is more dense, able to hide skin imperfections and mattes it.

Regarding the transparent type, it is designed for dry and normal skin.This powder is very light structure that lies almost imperceptibly on t

he skin and is used for the most part, with the aim to consolidate created makeup.Most importantly, it can be applied not only to the toning and moisturizing, but without them.The skin of this is not contracted, as is the case with conventional powders.

should also be noted that the powder Caron, ratings of which are mainly positive character, can not be superimposed in one and in several layers, if necessary.This visual effect is not spoiled, and it only gets better.No traces deposited funds simply can not be noticed, the skin looks natural and well-groomed, and what every woman seeks.All of this is achieved by grinding the smallest particles, which can be seen in the closing cap, if it is formed around a light cloud of dust.

Powder Caron both types can be used for normal skin.It should be noted the following.Most owners prefer a skin transparent means, as usually do not suffer from defects in the face, and they really need only make the skin more matte and smooth, and sometimes fix the makeup.

renewed focus on the original packaging of this powder.She reminds her compact ladies, who lived a hundred years ago.Puff harmony with this style.It is a pleasure to use such an unusual thing, especially if it is so effective.

Now a little about the smell of money.He was very pleasant, not bright, but noticeable.He sends out the aroma of Bulgarian rose, which is simply impossible to convey in words, it must feel.

Powder Caron, the price of which starts counting from 3000 rubles, some ladies may seem expensive, but with the volume of 30 grams it seems that it will be enough for at least ten years.In general, it means very economically spent.

should stay at another point - applying powder.You can use the brush in such a case, the effect will be very easy.If a puff is used, the layer is more dense.

As for the color palette, it is wide enough for any skin tone can find your vehicle.