Secrets of youthful skin.

Every woman, whether it 20 or 50 years, or even more, trying to be nice.Therefore, it would be desirable to help our ladies always look young and attractive.In this article we will discuss about the tools that will help them maintain their blooming appearance for years to come.This product is well-known company "Evalar" - Cream "cycles".Reviews of him can also be found here.

What's the cream?

To understand how the product operates, please refer to the list of active ingredients that it includes.Cream "cycles", reviews of which are listed below, consists of the following components:

  • soybean oil (returns the skin tone, protects it from decay);
  • glycerine (hydrates skin);
  • vitamin complex (need to ensure the normal flow of all vital processes in the body);
  • extract of black cohosh (vegetable matter, is a source of estragenopodobnyh substances used to relieve symptoms of menopause);
  • hyaluronic acid (prevents loss of moisture skin);
  • wild yam extract (improves firmness and elasticity of the skin);
  • D-panthenol (has healing and smoothing effect on the skin);
  • allantoin (softens the skin, tightens pores);
  • excipients (magnesium orotate, ethyl alcohol, an emulsifier, and others).

As the product helps to keep youth?

Phytoestrogens are analogous to the female sex hormone, which with age in a woman's body produces less and less.The results of these changes begin to appear after 30 years.This is the first time the small wrinkles and age spots.After menopause, new and more severe symptoms of age-related changes in women.As a rule, dryness and sagging skin, full figure and so on.In order to smooth out these negative developments should take hormonal drugs prescribed by a doctor.But the skin can be helped by the cream-based phytoestrogens.Examples of such products - Cream "cycles".Instructions for its use is below.These agents act at the cellular level, is quite the same as its own and female hormones.The result of the application of these creams as follows: smooth, hydrated skin, which are hardly visible wrinkles.

How to use?

Use Cream "cycles", reviews of which are given below, is possible and necessary even before menopause.Apply a thin layer should be in the morning and evening after cleansing in the open areas of the body: face, neck, arms.It is proved that if you use this tool before menopause once a year for 3 or 4 months, radical methods to combat wrinkles do not need a very long time.If the menopause a woman has come to apply the cream "cycle" should be kept.

of consumers

Many women are very popular means of skin care products from "Evalar."One of them - "cycles" - a cream, the price of which is about 200 rubles.His foreign counterparts are much more expensive.The effect of its use exceeds all expectations of buyers.But, as noted by many women to achieve really good results, you need to use it constantly.Its use is recommended to start as early as possible before the onset of menopause.

We considered whether or not effective in the fight against wrinkles and other age-related changes of the skin cream "cycle".Customer reviews about it confirmed its good performance.