The product of "Evalar": "Chi-Klim" - cream, preserves youthfulness of skin

Women always, regardless of age, want to look attractive and seductive.But it is not always easy to manage.After all, the older a woman is, the more effort it must make to have a wonderful blooming.Progress does not stand still.And today the market is ready to offer beauty lovely ladies are not only caring for the face and body, but also drugs and creams that can stop the aging process of the skin.One such product released "Evalar."It is a means of "Chi-Klim".Face cream with that name contains a natural analogue of the female sex hormone, which is responsible for all the vital processes occurring in a woman's body.

Why do we age?

Alas, youth is short-lived.For women, it becomes a real tragedy.Each uses different methods to preserve it as long as possible.But why these undesirable changes occur in the body?What triggers them?It turns out that all the fault of sexual hormones decrease isolation.From the age of 30 years for women is gradually reduced estrogen production.The result of this is the follo

wing: the skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles appear on it, the figure of "spreads" dryabnut muscles.Here are our lovely ladies come on and promosch product from "Evalar" "Chi-Klim" - a face cream that contains not only valuable nutrients and phytoestrogens, which are analogous to female hormones.The fact that it includes and how it acts on the skin will be discussed below.

composition of the product

in a cream contains the following active ingredients:

• glycerol.Hydrates and protects the skin from loss of fluids.

• complex vitamins.It is necessary for the normalization of all vital processes in living cells.

• extract of black cohosh.It has sedative, antiklimaktericheskoe and estrogen-like activity."Chi-Klim" - a face cream containing the unique plant components.It is an extract of black cohosh helps to neutralize all of the major negative age-related changes in the skin.

• Soybean oil.Returns elasticity of sagging skin, smoothes fine lines.

• Hyaluronic acid.It serves to retain moisture in the cells.

• D-panthenol.It heals minor wounds.

• Allantoin.It has a regenerating effect on the skin, regulates the activity of sebaceous glands in it.

• extract of wild yam.It is a valuable source of silicon - one of the most important components required for the synthesis of collagen in the cells.

• Excipients (emulsifier, triethanolamine, ethanol, etc.).

Action cream

Application of a phytoestrogen during menopause greatly facilitates menopausal symptoms.In our case, the cream "Chi-Klim", reviews of professionals which are for the most part positive, helps to cope with age-related changes of the skin.This feature eliminates the dryness and pigmentation.It stimulates the production of your own collagen and elastin in the skin.

Reviews Women

Many women to deal with age-related changes have already tried to use the funds from the "Evalar" called "Chi-Klim".Cream, whose price is about 200 rubles, the most popular product in this series.It is worth noting that apart from him are still here and pills "Chi-Klim" and balm for the skin around the eyes.Most of the reviews on this face cream are positive.The customer writes that result from the use of this tool is very good: the skin is smoothed, improves skin tone, wrinkles gradually disappear.Just like they say, you need to use it regularly.Otherwise, the effect will be short-lived, and barely noticeable.There are negative comments.Some women were not too Dolny purchase.They claim that expected from this product a more pronounced effect.

Thus, we found that the "Chi-Klim" - a face cream that really helps fight wrinkles on the face and skin pigmentation age.It is important to remember that use it regularly.Then the result will not keep you waiting.