Cosmetics "Lumen".

Lumene Company was founded in nineteen hundred and seventieth year.Its name comes from the Finnish lake, which is near the town of Kuhmoinen, where the enterprise is located.Lumene The company is engaged in manufacture of cosmetics for skin.The list of its products include serum and cream, eye shadow, mascara and many other means.

received cosmetics "Lumen" customer reviews as a low-cost but high-quality product.The company is on its way to continuous improvement, generating a new, improved products each year.In the two thousand and second year was put into operation a new plant that meets all modern requirements.

start-up companies with the production of chemical agents designed to clean different surfaces.Several years later, the range was expanded considerably.And now the Finnish cosmetics "Lumen" is known throughout the world.Brand includes cosmetics intended for all age groups.Get into it and the means to care for face and body.

Gets cosmetics "Lumen" feedback from shoppers mostly positive.Th

is is possible thanks to strict quality control, which takes the products before it gets to the world market.Carry the company's specialists and special tests for allergenicity of cosmetics.

production quality natural products is carried out under the slogan "The secret nature of the Arctic."He points to the basic components of all means of line "Lumen".The composition of the company's products included endowed with healing power of water plants and berries of the Arctic.And no wonder that cosmetic "Lumen" feedback from their buyers received as an effective healing product.Popular products of the brand among the men.For them, it developed a series that allows for face care, body.Included in it are also deodorants.

huge range of cosmetic products (pencils, mascara, gloss, lipstick, etc.) is represented by cosmetics "Lumen".Reviews of using it proves the popularity of products among young girls.All proceeds of the brand care for skin and different vibrant colors and durability.

produces the world famous Finnish company series, allows for nail care.It includes a cuticle cream, varnishes.Get into it and, strengthens the nail plate.

Lumene products are divided into age groups.For each of them takes into account features of the skin.For example, a series of «Premium Beauty» characterized by the inclusion in the composition of cosmetic products buckthorn seed.These products are designed for women over fifty years.The active ingredients of cosmetics allow the epidermis enriched with oxygen, which gives the skin to become elastic, supple and healthy.

popular among young people cosmetics "Lumen".Are in great demand tonal resources.They allow you to give your skin a radiant glow.Thin cilia literally transformed using mascara "Lumen".This tool allows you to significantly increase their volume.Popular lipsticks and pencils, shadows and dust, as well as nail polish made by the company.

budget "Lumen" cosmetics, the price of which is quite acceptable, accessible to everyone.The cost of production of the company is dependent on the output of the series.To purchase any of makeup will need from one hundred to five hundred rubles.Products line «Lumene Arctic Acgua» sold at a price of one hundred to two hundred rubles.Tools Series «Excellent Future» are from five hundred to eight hundred rubles.