Spirits "Antonio Banderos" - perfection

Antonio Banderas is the idol of a large number of women.Talent manifested in the roles played brilliantly, found its embodiment is now in perfumery.Each perfume has produced them unique and unique composition.Only the presence of a sophisticated, refined and distinctive style, the inherent flavors of the brand Antonio Banderas allows you to hold the first place in the market of similar products.

Spirits "Antonio Banderos" chic and are a real work of art that captured the hearts of many men and women around the world.

Perfumes "Antonio Banderas" is designed for men and women, macho mysteries.The flavor of this brand can feel a touch of satisfaction and emancipation.Spirits "Antonio Banderos" possess the central components such as bergamot and ginger.Their combination with notes of musk, amber and pepper gives the bulk composition.Eau de toilette and perfume "Antonio Banderos" were the embodiment of the will, passion and inner strength of their creators.Perfume of the manufacturer is able to charm

the uniqueness and depth of his compositions.Spirits "Antonio Banderos" full expression, a torrent of feelings and emotions that are constantly transmitted by the Spanish actor in his films.

and persistent perfumes and toilet waters carry the mood of the homeland of its founder (Spain).Spirits "Antonio Banderos" (female versions) approach is particularly fair sex of all ages due to its noble and pure smell.Fragrance by idol huge number of women are able to move into the world of bright colors, blue sea and golden beaches.Having put on the wrist a few drops, a woman sees in his mind a picture in which the Spanish beauty, flamenco dance, knock heels on the pavement, and dressed in a white shirt and black hat macho accompany them on the guitar.Perfumes of this brand is simply impossible to forget.Their flavor can not be confused with any other.

Men's collection of the brand is different scents of the forest, smell, inviting the Mediterranean.One of the most popular men's series is the Diavolo.These fragrances embody the power, the temptation and witchcraft.This perfume will enable a man to feel like a real tempter.As the women's version of the fragrance creator offered Diavolo Donna.A woman who uses these spirits, it becomes even more seductive and intriguing.This perfume, blurs the line between reality and mysticism.

Especially for the male half, who knows how to seduce its natural charm and naturalness, Antonio released fragrance Mediterraneo.This allows you to feel the caress of perfume south sun and fresh sea breeze mixed with bitter salt water.Wonderful choice for sensual and elegant women, as well as successful and temperamental male fragrance will be a series of Spirit, which is based on lies close Banderas Latin American culture.

Summing up, it is necessary to note the presence of a broad palette of flavors that represent the spirits "Antonio Banderos."The price also pleasantly surprised by those wishing to purchase these items (100 mL from 1000 to 1500 rubles. Depending on the type of spirits).