"Puazon" - spirits for luxury women

In 1985, the legendary home of "Christian Dior" produced a revolutionary flavor - "Dior Puazon."Since its inception, the wonderful smell of the perfume has become a legend of the world of art.Magic and seductive mixture of oriental spices, exotic fruits and woody notes immediately and permanently captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world.Written compositions - Edward Flush - a great perfumer.

creating "Puazon" - spirits, conquer the world, the maestro wanted to give a second life perfume line house "Christian Dior", which at that time was in decline.After the famous fragrance "Miss Dior", released in 1947, it was the first such a bright smell of world level.It was the final break of the famous fashion house "Dior" with the past.

¬ęPuazon" - spirits, have a very expensive and much more modern flavor than existed before the composition of the fashion house.Moreover, the smell did not get the name of the house "Dior".Godfather, Given name compositions became great Frenchman - the poet Pa

ul Valery.The younger generation probably can not know what the translation the name means "poison."It turned out to be justified.A bit dramatic, yet provocative fragrance was impossible not to notice, let alone forget.

Today we can say with full confidence that "Puazon" - spirits, which, along with "Chanel number 5" gained legendary status.Edward flash argues that today to create a smell that was able to at least partially replicate the enormous success of "Puazon" impossible.

sensual and bold, beautiful nectar that has an incredibly strong character, is recommended only as an evening fragrance.Vintage Spirits "Puazon" photo that you see in this article, have remarkable resilience, so they hit the "black list" of the dress code for offices.It should be noted that newer version instead of the natural ingredients to prepare a synthetic substitute, which makes it easier to smell.

¬ęPuazon" - spirits, which confirmed the title of the perfume luxury cosmetics fashion house "Dior".In 1986 they received the prestigious award "Catherine de Medici," and in 1986 and 1987 awards from the FiFi Awards - Oscar perfume.

small elegant apple, located on the thin palm - so look spirits "Dior Puazon."Reviews of enthusiastic admirers of creativity of the famous company came by the thousands.The grand success of the new fragrance brand has allowed nearly a decade to do without a single flanker, although it is very rare for such a successful composition.Today version is more or less popular fragrances released every six months.

However, in 1994, perfume line, "Dior" was presented a new version designed for younger audiences - Tendre Poison.It was much more simple composition, composed of bright and fresh green notes.From the aroma completely disappeared heavy oriental and spicy notes, so clearly characterize "Puazon" - luxury perfumes for women.

fashion house Dior has released a line of fragrances combined title "Puazon."They differ not only the design of the bottle, but also the composition resistance.