Shimmer - a highlighter?

Shimmer - a tool with shiny particles designed to give the skin radiance and sculpting faces.However, the same can be said of the highlighter, and lyuminayzere.Is it synonymous?Not really.In fact, there is a difference between them, and to clarify, analyze the origin of these words and see what cosmetics they best fit.

Shimmer - a "flicker" (from the English. Shimmer).That is the main thing that distinguishes it from other types of products - is the presence of small or large sequins.This festive evening variant, in the afternoon it will be out of place, or need to use it very sparingly.But under artificial light it shows itself in all its glory - gives the skin a shimmer.The product range of some Western manufacturers Shimmer - is a universal powder for the face and body, consisting mainly of sequins, which really is designed exclusively for the festive evening lighting or to give a special shine tanned skin.Sometimes it is simply called sequins Eye or skin.The most popular format Shimmer - Loose or

pressed powder.

word "highlighter" comes from the English highlight - "lighten".It means to face modeling.It quietly by itself, but allows you to lighten the desired areas.It has a soft delicate texture than Shimmer, and contains no visible sequins.With its help achieve wet (but not fat!) Natural glow.It is in line with the correctors, powders, not only has a matte texture, and soft, silky pearl.It lightens not by color, but because of light reflecting particles.It can be applied during the day.The most popular format highlighter - a powder, but there are no restrictions, the tool may be liquid.

term "lyuminayzer" (or lyumenayzer - a word borrowed and certainty in his writing yet) comes from the word luminance - "brightness".In English it is written as Luminizer.The tool emphasizes sunny glow.Sequins will not necessarily be gold or bronze, they can be silver or any other colors.But the means will always be beautiful to look at the sun.Most often available in liquid format: serum, cream.It may be in the form of loose powder.

As you can see, the names of these products vary, especially depending on their destination.Shimmer - this evening festive product, sequins, highlighter - this day means for modeling the face and wet natural radiance lyumenayzer - golden shimmer to warm sunny days.However, since there are many generic products encyclopedic precision in the name does not exist.Manufacturers often called "Shimmer" means having a delicate glow and lyuminayzer indistinguishable from highlighter.

Shimmer: reviews and top 3 most famous products for radiant complexion

If you read the reviews, the best known are the following products:

"Meteors" from "Guerlain" - Les Meteorites by Guerlain.Impresses with its design.The skin gives a very easy and natural glow plus flicker, but it all depends on the shade.Some issues "Meteorites" can replace full blush.Format - powder in the balls, compact powder, mosaic, compact powder-balls.

"Shiseido" - and driving lights.The latter has a warm tone, and the first - cold, white.Both products have a unique texture, which is absolutely impossible to discern or glitter particles.After application, they look just like a light, soft rasteksheysya skin.Format - powder.

Shimmer Bobbi Brown - Brick Compact - the famous "brick".Versatile product suitable for both day and evening for use.It provides visible sequins, beautifully shimmering in the evening light, but allows us to achieve and wet effect.Easily laminated, can replace blush.Available for different tsvetotip (five different paletok), one "brick" five close shades.