To draw attention to help the spirits with pheromones: Truth or Myth?

At all times, women spend a lot of effort, time and money to create an individual image.In this regard, every detail: from the stylish hairstyles to shoes.The finishing touch of each image has always been considered a drop of perfume, emphasizing individuality.Spirits can be compared with the accessory that warns others about your appearance and leave memories after the departure.All the perfumes designed to make a person more attractive.However, there are spirits that can cause not only positive emotions, but also the sexual attraction of the opposite sex.The secret of this perfume is that pheromones are present in the composition.

Perfume with pheromones: Truth or Myth?

Almost every one of us paid attention to the fact that some people, not having an attractive appearance, as if the magnet attract the attention of others.Conversely, beautiful, stylish and quite pleasant to talk to the men and women are not popular with the opposite sex.The secret is simple paradox.We all subconsciously choose the

ir partners by using the sense of smell.According to the manufacturer, you can get special attention, just by using perfumes with pheromones.Truth or myth?Let's try to sort out this issue by considering what action has stuff on our subconscious, and where it takes perfumers.

How are perfumes with pheromones?

Perfumers have always puzzled over the question of how to make their products more attractive.Together with scientists, they decided to synthesize in the laboratory pheromones, which are responsible for sexual desire.It is this substance should be a magnet for the opposite sex.It is believed that the ideal option would be when creating personalized, taking into account all the individual characteristics, perfumes with pheromones.Truth or myth - no single answer.Firstly, this procedure is not everyone can afford.Secondly, perfumes, set in the stream must contain pheromones liters.So, it turns out that to understand whether there are such spirits or magical effect is a publicity stunt producer, is not so simple.

known that precious substance which is part of the covenant vials of perfume is mainly the waste products of various animal species.For example, amber or musk - these substances are natural aphrodisiacs, which are part of many perfumes.They have a bluff, even an unpleasant smell, but in certain proportions give the flavor of perfection, sensuality.Such spirits do play some role in harmonious sexual relationship partners.Acquire a bottle can not only in specialty stores, and in pharmacies.There exist jars with different base scents are not only for women.The wide assortment of men's perfume with pheromones.Buying flavor, do the same as usual when choosing perfumes - the smell should you like.

There is one rule: alcohol 'kills' perfumes with pheromones.Truth or myth?This question is just there a definite answer: Alcoholic spirits may not contain pheromones.