Semi-permanent mascara: reviews of new technology

modern pace of life leaves less time for women to apply daily makeup and hair styling.So today, as demand all salon services, which can save time to create a beautifully manicured image.In Europe, one is not surprised by the ability to dye eyelashes every three weeks.Not long ago, a revolutionary new product came up to us - the attention of lovely ladies has been presented semi-permanent mascara.Moscow was awarded the championship in getting acquainted with the new formula means and technology of its application.For the masters of the salons was held a master-class use of Russia's first semi-permanent mascara.

semi-permanent mascara: reviews and advice

Every novelty attracts attention.Immediately there is a huge number of questions and concerns.What is the new technology?What are its advantages?Are there any contraindications?Fortunately, today for many ladies had to evaluate all the pros and cons of the proposed service, so we can not rely solely on advertising products, but also on the exper

ience of individual women.

So what is a semi-permanent mascara?Comments about this new product confirms that it is an excellent alternative Eyelash, which even has its advantages over the latest technology.Specialists in the field of cosmetology has been developed specially formulated mascara, which not only creates a great effect of the painted eyelashes, but also completely comfortable and hypoallergenic.The additional volume and elongation, seductive curve of each cilium does look quite spectacular.The new technology does away with the usual application of mascara in the morning for three weeks.Undoubtedly, for many women this is a huge plus.Swim, sleep in any comfortable position, wearing the lens, do not worry that you need to touch up makeup - all this has become possible since when our stores appeared semi-permanent mascara.Guest artists and their clients suggests that some of the technology liked more than eyelash.Firstly, semi-permanent ink coverage is relatively cheaper than building, and secondly, there is no feeling of something foreign on the eyelids, what you also need to get used to.

Coating Semi-permanent eyelash mascara salon treatment is considered.The technology is simple, but it requires certain skills and dexterity.The material dries quickly, so the master must act quickly.Do not try to apply mascara on their own, simply because you can get the effect glued eyelashes!As practice shows, there are only unhappy reviews because the cause was taken amateur.By selecting a decent brand and a good specialist, girls acquire beautiful lush eyelashes for 20 days.To remove the remains of the carcass must also be a master.To do this, it uses a special hypoallergenic means.

For coloring dark brows can also be used semi-permanent mascara.Guest artists show that the effect is very beautiful and natural.