A popular brand of mascara in the USSR: its advantages and disadvantages

most popular brand of mascara in the Soviet Union - a Leningrad mascara for eyebrows and eyelashes factory "Grim."Of course, someone will say that women in the Soviet Union and it was not much choice - the only mascara, of course, the most in demand.But, surprisingly, that even today, when the variety is so great that even becomes a problem (which to choose?), This mascara is available and in demand!What is it good for?

  1. magnificent length and volume!This mascara gives the effect almost overhead doll eyelashes.Although, of course, many modern girls fancy a result condemn ("Unnatural! As if theater performances!"), But the vast majority are ready to try this mascara throw their luxury cosmetics - they finally saw their eyelashes really bright and noticeable.
  2. mascara separates lashes perfectly.They are fluffy, although it would seem, with the extent and length of the bonding is inevitable.It is possible to simulate the lashes, creating a beautiful curve.
  3. popular brand of mascara in the Soviet Union wa
    s called the people affectionately - "spittoon."Because it is a dry cake mascara, which needed something to soak.Modern girls disdain spit ink and diluted with a few drops of warm water.This would seem a disadvantage?However, it is very convenient, because you can make any consistency mascara what is needed: more liquid, more dense ... Mascara in modern tubes can only be brought to a liquid state, and even that would be difficult to do.
  4. She has long kept.As you know, the shelf life of the modern mascara is 3 to 6 months.In rare cases, the ink can be used year.Then it dries up, changing its texture, or simply becomes dangerous to the health of the eye.A popular brand of mascara in the Soviet Union could be stored for years.It consists of very simple ingredients such as carbon black or soap base, which does not change its properties with time.In addition, it can be stored in a dry state.
  5. price of this interminable and spectacular mascara ridiculously low - to 30 rubles (for comparison: the mascara mass segment - from 100 to 400 rubles., Ink suites - 1000-1500 rubles.)

However, not all so rosy.And the most popular brand of mascara in the Soviet Union has a number of disadvantages which are unacceptable for some women:

  1. Yes afar lashes bright, visible and seemingly separated, but it is close to the real "spider legs", so even with lumps.What fans argue: "we must be able to paint!" And really demonstrate beautifully curved and long eyelashes.
  2. She showered!Although experienced women say that to crumble and it will be glued eyelashes only if not well diluted with water.
  3. Mascara does not tolerate moisture.The slightest tear, rain, snow, fog - and mascara smeared and flow.
  4. Mascara has an unpleasant smell, and too clearly felt on the eyelashes - they seemed to fall by gravity.
  5. Because of soap in the composition and, therefore, alkali ph mascara firm "Grimm" is very eye burns.All modern carcasses have a neutral ph.It is very easy to wash, but it is very much "eats" your eyes.While fans have adapted carcass wash it without any inconvenience.
  6. Make it takes a lot of time.The point in the brush, and that it must first raise, and that when painting one must be very careful.Experienced ladies take any favorite brush from carcasses or combine modern Leningrad mascara and normal.For example, paint the Soviet version of the lashes from the middle, not closer to the base of the lashes, and then the entire length of the usual fixed.

Thus, Leningrad mascara - this is a very controversial product.However, pleased that its advantages and disadvantages are obvious and clear, and every woman can understand without much thought, and needed whether she theatrically bright, very beautiful eyelashes price potekshey in bad weather carcasses and irritated red eyes.