Grape seed oil: reviews, opinions,

first briefly about what similar properties have grape seed oil.Reviews will analyze below and try to assess whether the results meet the expectations of the real.So, grape seed oil:

  1. has a pronounced anti-aging action thanks to the maintenance of a strong antioxidant - procyanidins.
  2. contains a set of fatty acids, vitamins, proteins - they nourish the skin of the face or scalp, promote cell renewal.
  3. contains tannins, chlorophyll, flavonoids, volatile and other trace elements that cause its regenerating and healing properties.

Since grape seed oil - is a mix of different active components, and its effect on the skin or hair to be integrated.It can be successfully used for oily skin, dry, combination, sensitive, prone to the appearance of rashes, eye area, body treatments, including anti-cellulite, hair different types of nails.It enhances the action of essential oils and is therefore an excellent job with the role of the base component in a variety of recipes.It is used:

1. In creams and means

for dry skin to its easing alignment update.

2. The means for oily skin to normalize the activity of sebaceous glands.

3. The means for aging skin to its regeneration.

4. For thin and damaged hair to strengthen them.

5. The body cream.

6. The funds for the skin around the eyes.

7. The hand creams

8. The funds for the care of lips.

Grape seed oil: reviews of those who used it for skin care

Much depends on the manufacturer.Oil cosmetic grape seeds, especially when it comes to cold-pressed product, - quite expensive goods.Sometimes the label means "one hundred percent" grape has a bright flavor that is suggestive of the artificial flavoring.It is not surprising that the reviews about it can be contradictory.

In general, you can find a lot of rave reviews from owners of dry skin.Face masks (grape seed oil plus oil of chamomile and orange) perfectly soften dry skin tightness, make it supple and vibrant.Combined and sensitive type as well take grape seed oil.Reviews paint a very attractive picture: simply wiping the face with a cotton pad with a few drops of oil on the night makes it the first time make the skin soft, supple.Its regular use of this scheme, smooths fine lines, reduces dark spots and rashes.Owners of oily skin is also satisfied: Oil cleanses the face and slightly whitens, tightens pores, allows for a smooth and matt effect.But, of course, only when it is used regularly.

Sometimes there are reviews that oil raised the pores and caused the appearance of small pimples.It can be an individual reactions, but most likely, it's the wrong application of funds or that the product is of poor quality.An important point: grape seed oil for the skin is necessary to choose the right!It should be just cosmetic, but not food, and preferably extracted by cold pressing, because the only way to preserve its properties.In addition, the skin prior to application should be clean and well-hydrated (e.g., mineral water or green tea) may be steamed.A good cleaning is important for the eye area.Although there are recommendations that moist skin is very poorly absorbs oil, and it is better to put it on a dry.

Grape seed oil: reviews those who used it for hair care

It is perfectly smooth, moisturizes dry ends, allows for live brilliance.Only the oil should be applied not dried hair, and still moist.Just a few drops.Very good tool for those who suffer from split ends.Grape seed oil should not be mixed with other oils, it is not greasy hair, and seemed to be smooth, of course, with a moderate application.It is one of the easiest among other basic: it is quickly absorbed and does not dirty strands.You can use it as a mask before washing the head, causing the tips or longer.Oil washed off once, unlike the thick of burdock, and makes the hair very soft, they are less broken and as a result, is rapidly gaining length.

Grape seed oil: reviews those who used to take care of other parts of the body

There are comments that it can be used to get rid of dermatitis on the skin of the body, but such responses are rare.Ideal for the care of nails and cuticles, moisturizes and nourishes the nail plate, mask AH-based hand with honey butter and cream in one night doing dry chapped skin silky.Good care of the lips, but only if regular use.Clears from cosmetics and simultaneously softens the skin, which is a very valuable feature for those with sensitive and difficult with a choice of industrial makeup remover.Absolutely no effect has on the eyelashes.Amazingly thin caring for sensitive skin in intimate areas.It helps to get rid of the irritation and inflammation (used only externally!).Ideal for skin care breast.It is very easy to apply and is absorbed, successfully replacing industrial cream.It may be a good remedy for cellulite massage, especially if the addition of a suitable essential oils, but the best it shows itself in the care of dry flaky skin.

Thus, enough to have in the arsenal of a bottle of high-quality grape seed oil, to solve a number of cosmetic problems.In general reviews about this tool, approvingly, even those who did not notice its effects on the skin, it is used with success in caring for your hands or hair.