What Plazmolifting.

In recent years more and more popular in cosmetology gets Plazmolifting.Reviews of him doctors suggest that this procedure is very effective.Carry it may at various areas of the body: in the upper chest, in the neck, scalp, face, back of the hand.

What Plazmolifting

procedure Plazmolifting a subcutaneous injection to the patient his own plasma enriched with collagen and elastin.As a result, instead of the problem area where the injection was given, the person receives a smooth, healthy skin pigmentation and without flaws.

main distinctive quality of this procedure is that the platelet-rich plasma, starts in the tissue regenerative processes, as well as activates the body's internal resources, affecting the metabolism and immune system.

Indications for Plazmolifting

There are many cosmetic procedures that enhance the regenerative properties of the skin.However, a leader in recent times took Plazmolifting.Reviews beauticians characterize this as the safest method, t. To. Aseptically admi

nistered to the patient his own plasma.This eliminates the risk of allergic reactions or rejection.At the same time, however, young girls still not recommended to perform this procedure, ie. A. Their skin is still too young, and this is just not necessary.Start experimenting best not earlier than 25 years.

In what cases it is advisable to do Plazmolifting?Reviews of the procedure often leaves those who watched at the flabbiness and skin aging, pigmentation and damage to the top layer, change its color and relief, loss of elasticity and firmness.After a few sessions Plazmolifting women were very satisfied, and there was a significant change, t. To. He gives excellent results in any aesthetic imperfections of the skin.In addition, an effective treatment for hair loss.

Plazmolifting.Reviews of all the "pros" and "cons»

The advantages of the procedure are:

  1. Alignment overall color.
  2. Elimination of wrinkles.
  3. saturation of skin cells with oxygen.
  4. Stimulation of the antioxidant system.
  5. Revitalization stem cell growth.
  6. Immunity due to the capabilities of the organism.

Despite a myriad of advantages, there are drawbacks, of course:

  1. bit painful procedure.
  2. The result can be seen immediately, but only after 10-14 days.
  3. high enough price procedure.
  4. autoinfitsirovaniya risk (if there is virus in human blood cells, which do not allow yourself to discover they can become active and cause injury).

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, there are some contraindications to perform Plazmolifting.They include fever, acute infectious and other serious diseases, pregnancy, bleeding disorders, allergies and skin rashes.

price procedure

You can not call a specific value of a single session, t. To. It depends on several factors.Firstly, the cost of the impact which specialized supplies were used.Secondly, the price depends on the number of problems that the patient wants to solve.The approximate average cost of a procedure is 7500 rubles.

should be noted that many clinics are now offering this service as Plazmolifting.Where to do it, the patient must decide for itself.Thus the choice of a beauty clinic and a specialist should be approached very carefully.Better to pay more, but go to the doctor checked, what to save, and hope for the best.