Spirits "Gucci Flora" - a luxury time-tested

Not many companies in the world there is a history spanning more than a hundred years.These brands primarily relates famous corporation "Gucci."Its history began in 1906 in Florence, when Guccio Gucci opened a workshop for making curtains.

During his more than a century the company has repeatedly been close to closing.Under this brand produces many products, from toilet paper to bags, not worth one thousand dollars.Because of this company sued siblings.In spite of that, the corporation has withstood all tests and will only become stronger.

In nineteen fifty-third year of the great Gucci died, and his work was continued by his four sons, who have changed the direction of the brand, reorienting it for the production of luxury clothing for the richest people in the world.Admirers of companies were Frank Sinatra, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Margaret, and others.

Fine floral perfume "Gucci Flora" arose under vliyaniemm impressions caused by scarves famous "Gucci".This song was released in 2009.The fragr

ance is dedicated to carefree youth with its charm tenderness.It is designed for young girls.

Spirits "Gucci Flora" can emphasize the unique image of its owner, subtly interweaving breath of fresh air with the tenderness of flowers and spices.In this colorful composition organically combined heat and coolness, passion and humility, mystery and lightness.It sounds feminine and sophisticated.

In 2010 was released a new version of "Flora By Gucci."It is more intense and deep flavor.Its creator was the Frida Giannini.It inspired her to create a fragrance outfit Princess Grace of Monaco, or rather, her scarf with a spectacular floral print.It is a creation of the great Gucci and immediately got his own name - Flora.

composition was created much later, but it has turned out such a great master felt it more than forty years ago.Frida Giannini has created a unique creation.Spirits "Gucci Flora" at the same time reflect the uninterrupted link with the past, and at the same time they are totally modern and fully disclose the philosophy of the women of the XXI century.

Although Giannini opted for a design and advertising box black and white floral print option, at various times, it was used in different colors.Gorgeous floral composition is in the hexagonal bottle is decorated elegantly and luxuriously.Symbols fashion house subtly woven into the idea of ​​the flavor.On the bottle enters the signature of the great maestro.The neck is decorated with a black bow with golden tassels.Rounding out the classic image of a strict black lid.

Spirits "Gucci Flora" - a gentle fragrance of flowers, despite the obvious presence in it and fruity notes.The composition derives its development in a mysterious alliance of rose and exotic osmanthus.After a moment in the alliance wedged bright and juicy notes of peony and citrus.This polyphony balance chords of patchouli and sandalwood.

Currently spirits "Gucci Flora", the price of which is in Moscow from 2000 to 10000 rubles, you can buy in many countries.But it is better to do it in the company network of the corporation consisting of 172 stores worldwide.

Spirits "Gucci Flora", which reviews all over the world come enthusiastic, are a living classic of world art of perfumery.It is vintage and at the same time very modern scent that incorporates the energy of several generations of women who value independence, freedom and luxury.